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Saturday, December 20, 2008


It has been a long time since Jerry and I have had some time alone. He has been a way for quite some time working, and we just haven't found the time to get away. BUT, 2 weekends ago, we finally had the chance! Jerry surprised me with a weekend night to a Bed and Breakfast! I was so shocked and surprised, and EXCITED!! He chose Cedar Grove B &B in Vicksburg, Mississippi. It had 30 plus rooms!

It was absolutely the most beautiful place I had ever seen! It was more than I had ever imagined, especially all the wonderful pretty Christmas decorations.

I have never been a history buff, BUT i was so impressed with the history of this home. When Jerry and I first arrived, he checked us in and I got a quick tour of the home, I was so amazed with the furniture, light fixtures, and yes, the glamour of old historic cliches. Time was standing still, and I was taking in every bit of it!

Before I knew it, Jerry had already had us checked in and he was hunting for me! The house was enormous!

Ok, now I will give you the 411 on The Cedar Grove home! John Klein, who was originally from Waterford, Va. moved to Vicksburg on 1836 at the age of 24. He was a jeweler, then he diversified his wealth in the fields of banking and cotton.

In 1838, he met the lady he knew he would marry, Elizabeth Bartley Day. With Marriage in mind, he started building a Greek Revival Style mansion, which is now the Cedar Grove Mansion.This picture of of the the original cannonball that grazed the mansion.Several shots were fired in the house. The house was hit approximately 41 times.

Cedar Grove sat on 8 acres of land with a grove of 25 ancient cedar trees in the back yard, thus the name Cedar Grove.

Many of the home furnishings came from New Orleans on a stop back from their honeymoon. They commissioned a man named Prudent Mallard to make pieces for their new home. This is were the symbol of the mallard duck comes into play on furniture, pretty neat!

One significant part of history are the drapes. Drapes upon drapes puddled the floor. This was a sign of wealth.So, the more your draperies puddles the floor, the wealthier you were.

The paintings were exquisite. Each one was so well detailed and was of members of the family and many others.

This is the Grant room.It is called this because it was the Master bedroom. 90% of the furnishings in this room are original to to the room.

The staircases were draped in Christmas holly and lights. It was so beautiful. They were 3 sets of stairs.

This was the 1st Formal dining room.

This is the Breakfast room. It had nothing but windows in this room. The morning sun shone so bright and beautiful in the morning. Jerry and I enjoyed eating breakfast here. We sat at a table closet to the garden area. We enjoyed the view as our breakfast was being brought to us. We enjoyed cups of coffee and a tremendous huge breakfast of eggs, sausage, ham blueberry pancakes, grits, biscuits, and so much more!

This was the Dining area. This is were a evening meal is served. You have to make reservations to attend. The menu consisted of what they would have served in that time era. They had duck, quail, and so much more. The atmosphere was very relaxed and romantic. The mood was one of being in a fairy tale. It was magical!

Jerry and I stayed in a cottage which was a cross the street from the main house. We decided that this being our 1st time at a b&b, that we would stay in a cottage away from the main house. Next time, we will stay in one of the rooms in the main house.

Jerry and I were like "WOW" when we opened the door. It was breathtaking! It had a main bedroom a view of the hot tub right next to it.

There was windows all around the tub, with curtains of course!

It also had a living/sitting room.

My favorite part, A fireplace!!

AND behind the beautiful painting on the wall.... was the t.v.!! I thought that was so cool!

The vanity area was pretty with dual sinks and a separate shower.

This was the view on the deck of the cottage. It has a seating area with chairs and a little table.

After we got settled in, we decided to go back to the main house and look around.

These is the view of the main house at night. I loved the look especially with all the Christmas lights, it was beautiful!

Jerry and I eating breakfast in the main house The morning weather could not have been more perfect! The sun was shining, it was a little cool, with a hint of a breeze! We enjoyed each other's company and eat a great breakfast.

The Christmas tree was HUGE!!! And it was so pretty! I wanted a tree like this one!

We toured the house, going into every bedroom and room we could.

There was so much history to learn and take in. We took our time and enjoyed leanring the history of the house.

We actually got to go on the rooftop, and it was amazing! One of the bedrooms had a joining door to roof access.

There was a little seating area on the roof.

These are views from the roof top

This is the cottage that we stayed in! It looks neat from the roof!

The garden was beautiful. I can't even
imagined what it looks like in the Spring when the flowers are in bloom! I cannot wait to go back in the Spring! The garden also had a fish pond. It is 9 inches deep! It was oringally a catfish pond, but now is swimming with goldfish.

This piano was given to Elizabeth as her dowry upon her marriage. This was her 1st paino. There were several in the house.

This is the tea cart of Elizabeth's tea dishes. This is her kids rocking chair. She loved having tea in her favotite room. My Bailee would loved to have seen these!

This is the Wicker room. This was Elizabeth's favorite room

I love this! How many of these are still around?

This was a wedding invation to Elizabeth's daughter Susan. They also had a ball for her. She had a house built on this lot called "The Corner"

These are pictures of the Klien family that were being displayed on the family piano. This piano was Elizabeth's Centennial piano. It was built in 1876 and there were only 100 made and we are told to date, that there are only 3 left in extience! WOW! Caiden would have been in heaven!!

The red glass above the door is called Bohemian glass. It not only showed a sign of wealth, but it was good for insulation due to the fact that it reflects the sunlight. It was red on the inside, but black on the outside and dusted with 24 kt. gold.

We had such a great time, it was for sure a trip well needed, Jerry and I needed to time together!After we left there, we headed home and stopped at the Missisippi line and took some pictures of the Mississippi river and visited The local welcome area. Sounds cheesy, but we were just enjoying each other, it didn't matter what we are doing, we are just glad that we are doing things togther!

Thank you Jerry for a wonderful relaxing weekend! That was our 1st time at a Bed And Breakfast and we are hooked now! Our 1st experince and it was the best and I enjoyed every dang minute! I cannot wait to go to another one!! NEXT time, we are going to take the kids!!


Tracey said...

Looks amazing. Glad that you and your man were able to get away!
We stay at B&B's whenever possible when we travel. It is always so much more personable and fun!

susan said...

Wow! That looks fantastic!I am so jealous!! Next time I want to go! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

kerrie said...

What an great thing for Jerry to do for you!1 You are so blessed. The pictures are awesome and so beautiful. Your right, it looks like a fairy tale! Glad you had some time with him!

liz said...

OMG that looks so relaxing and fun!! I love the history you wrote about.. you did some research girl!Great great pics!! Beautiful.. plain and simple