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Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Caiden had his 1st piano lesson today and it went great!!! I love his teacher Alicia Reitzell!
She has extensive training and experience in music. She attended the LSU School of Music and graduated with a Bachelor of Music in Piano.She was also chosen as the accompanist for the Monroe Symphony for its Debut Season.
She also has a identical twin sister! She was very well pleased with Caiden's ability to pick up music! He went through 16 pages of music in 30 minutes! She also commented on how quick he picked up!
The fact that he is using various musical instruments in school will only enhance his ability to play the piano!

Caiden is so excited about this newly found interest, and he is fully dedicated in making himself the best he can be!! I am so proud of him!! I love to watch him so interested in this activity! He is going to be great! We have private lessons once a week.

Caiden's first time on the Piano