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"Other things may change us, but we start and end with family" Anthony Brandt

Sunday, December 28, 2008


I love going to my mom's house..in general, of course!! But I so look forward to going there for the holidays!Everything is so decorated and pretty and yes, it brings back so many childhood memories! I still can remember helping mom cook her best known holiday desserts and candies. We come from along line of great cooks(yes, I am slightly vain in this area!) Even though I did not grow up in this particular house, my mom brought with her many of our many homemade ornaments, cards, and yes my favorite..my childhood stocking!!!My mom several years ago cross-stitched each one of her children a Christmas stocking. It has our names stitched across the stocking. And for many years she would fill these up for us, even though we had all moved out and started families of our own. I have BEGGED her for at least 3 years now to let me have mine..and she just can't bear to let go of them, and I so understand..it is just apart of her and us that she does not want to let go of, and I hope to one day, when my life has slowed down(which could be a while!) to cross-stitch one for each of my children. I used to do it a lot, and since my eyesight has gotten progressively worse over the years, I might be too late, But I am sure as heck gonna try! And can you believe that I DID NOT get a picture of our stockings hanging by the fireplace??!! I walked right passed them and forgot to take a picture!!! Oh well, I can ALWAYS add later right?! See, I am not perfect!! LOL

We always have Christmas with my mom, Dale, and my brother and sister separate from my mom's side of the family. When started this when I starting dating Jerry. Thanks Jerry for helping us start a new tradition! We do this on Christmas Eve, so we can spend Christmas day with our own family.

So mom and I got together and decided to do her Christmas before we headed to Papaw and Mammaw Franklins house. At papaws is our main Christmas. So we met at mom's an hour before heading over there. We would eat and fellowship with the ENTIRE Franklin clan later!!

Mom's tree is always so beautiful, and the kids are always glad to see their presents under the tree! They always go right to the tree, and start counting presents and trying to guess what's in them! Several days before Christmas, the kids beg me to tell them what Kay Kay got them. "We will tell you what YOU got, if YOU tell me what I GOT!!" Sorry kids, Adults like surprises!! Gotta love them for trying!!

Caiden and Bailee's 1st present was from Aunt Erin.

They know that they are going to get money, and they LOVE receiving it!!

Bailee was all ready deciding on what to buy!!

Caiden opening a gift from Kay Kay and Pappy

Pappy getting a new robe!! It looks so warm!!
Bailee opening a gift from Kay Kay and Pappy.

She got a memory card and rechargeable batteries, she was excited, but could not figure it out!! I knew what was coming next!!

Caiden is so into the Guinness World Stuff! I have ordered several books from the school for him!

And of course, Caiden and Bailee got clothes upon clothes. They have received some of their Christmas presents early. Like Bailee's croc boots, winter jackets, and jeans. Thank Kay Kay for always buying Caiden and Bailee clothes!! We know you like giving clothes more than toys! As you always say, " I give them clothes.. you can give them toys!!"

Bailee's BIG present!! A little red digital recorder!! She was soo excited! Bailee has really gotten into picture taking, and she seems to be following in my footsteps, I am so glad that I have a daughter. Kay Kay already had one, so she showed Bailee how to use it, and all the great fun things to do with it! I knew when we got home that night that Bailee would have it out, recording our making cookies for Santa(which she did).

YES!! It was my turn!! I was so shocked and surprised!! I got a digital camera!! I loved it! I needed a smaller version of one to keep in my purse for those many unexpected chances of taking a quick picture! I ALWAYS carry around my big one, which takes up a lot of space in my purse. Thanks Kay Kay!! I guess you were tired of me using your little one for Caiden and Bailee's field trips, that were ALWAYS on the same day!! This was also Jerry's present too!!

I was so excited!!

Caiden's main gift was a guitar!! His love for music always amazes me! I so love the fact that music so lives in his heart and soul. It should, for I can so remember when I was pregnant with him, and every time The Brothers In Christ would sing, he would start moving around in the womb! That's were it all started, and I am so glad it continues! I know that we will one day use this musical talent to glorify some one's soul.

Pappy helping out

Jerry and I received our main gift!! We got a mac daddy printer! It is a copier, fax, scanner, and who know what else! We were so happy!! Our printer was so old, and was not even working! Thanks Kay Kay, we needed it so bad! I could not wait to go home and set it up, BUT as always, there were so many of the kids things that needed to be done, so I waited till later to let Jerry hook it up!

Kay opening her gifts, she got a DVD of one of my favorite movies, Terms Of Endearment!

Aunt Erin helping out with Caiden's guitar

Caiden playing his guitar for the first time

Pappy decided to play it too!

Daddy Jerry showing Bailee how to use her video recorder

Bailee akso loves the guitar so much that Kay Kay is going to get her one for her Birthday!

Jerry and Caiden got some really nice dress shirts that matched, and Bailee and I got some great boots, that were house shoes. We has such a wonderful time at Kay Kay's. I really missed my brother not being here. I hope and know he had a great Christmas! Thanks Kay Kay and Pappy for ALL the gifts, but mainly for allowing us to fellowship with one another! We then headed to the Main Christmas at Papaw and Mammaw Franklin's!