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"Other things may change us, but we start and end with family" Anthony Brandt

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Mrs.Tanner was a WONDERFUL 4th grade teacher and I am so glad she was Bailee's teacher! This is her helping Bailee and her friend Brianna get ready for the 3-legged race!

Bailee had a GREAT time with her friends on field day!

She got to play various games and had so much fun!

This was her favorite event, the beach ball !

Bailee also participated in the 2-legged race with her friends Brianna.

Bailee throwing a softball.She did GREAT!!

Mrs.Tanner and her girls.

Bailee and her friend Taylor Brooke

Bailee and Ashley taking a break from the games.


It was a HOT day, but the girls cooled down with some good ole snow cones!

What a bunch of sweet girls !

Maddy and Bailee

What a fun and Great time for not only Bailee Grace, But Jerry and I as well! I love all school events my children are involved in, but this is my favorite school party! For summer is on the way!!

Proud parents!

Jerry LOVES his Bailee Grace!!

In addition to Field day, Bailee also got to visit the Gator Store at school. The kids get tickets for doing various good deeds and they redeem them later in the school year for school prizes!