Our Fantastic Family Of Four Forever Believes

"Other things may change us, but we start and end with family" Anthony Brandt

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Our little White Chihuahua Bubba Max turned 1 year old on Dec 26!!
It only seem like yesterday when we held him in our arms for the very 1st time!!

Bubba was given to Caiden and Bailee by their Kay Kay.
We received this special little gift on Valentine's Day.
And we have really enjoyed him!
Thanks to Aunt Debbie for allowing him to come to our little home! He is such a big part of our family. We love holding him, and we love him cuddling up to us on the couch when our family settles down watching a movie! We also appreciate his little bark when friends knock on the door. Everyone loves our little Bubba.
I has a cookie set out for each member of our family. I know, we are the Fantastic Family of Four, but we are really a family of six!
We sang Happy Birthday to our little Bubba, and we let him eat his special little cookie. And Baxter, our little black Chihuahua, had to have his own special cookie too!

We laughed at them! They ate cookies, and they ate them so fast! It was so funny!
Jerry loves Bubba so much! He tells me that we is going to take Bubba with him when he travels.. I quickly tell him no way!! We would be lost without our little Bubba Max!
Bubba enjoyed the fire out of that cookie!!
Baxter had to be on the celebration too!

After the cookie eating contest, we had Bubba a Birthday gift!
He snuffed the mess out of it, and showed some interest in it. It was a little mouse squeaky toy. What I loved about it was a was in 2 tennis balls, so that meant no big chewy mess!
Bailee decided to teach Bubba some new tricks. As the saying goes.." A dog is never too old to learn new tricks!"
But we soon found out that Baxter was also willing to learn, and fighting for the toy! We has such a great time celebrating Bubba's 1st Birthday! We are so glad that he is a part of our family! Happy 1st Birthday Bubba! We love you!