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Saturday, January 17, 2009


Congratulations to Caiden and Bailee for an AWESOME six- weeks!!

Jerry and I are so proud of them!
I have made school assignments and Homework a MAJOR propriety in our home life.I have a strict rule that homework be done before any extra- activity is pursued. I know that get tired of me harping on education, but I know one day they will realize how important education is to their future! Since I am home again, I feel that is my duty as a mother that I make sure that Caiden and Bailee put their education before just about anything, besides God and family. With Jerry traveling most of the year, I have to split time with them. Making sure I spend ample time with each child. BUT, now that Jerry is home, we can split the studying time, and it has for sure helped their grades!!
Let me say first that each child is different, and learns at their own pace. It takes discipline and patience on both parts. The teacher and the student. I have learned Caiden and Bailee's strong points and their weaknesses. I have learned so much about how to pace each child's learning capacity and to let learning come natural, not to force anything on them. Sometimes it can lead to discouragement and frustration, so no matter what happens during study time, PRAISE and encouragement are a requirement!
Caiden has done soo well and He always comes up fighting in the end! His grades improved dramatically. He made ALL A's this six weeks! He got a ribbon for all A's , Perfect attendance, and BUG list. Which means his grades improved! He made A-B honor Roll last 6-weeks.

I am very proud of him, it's very hard to pull up grades in the middle of the year. I am also proud of him for making perfect attendance. Caiden's asthma sometimes gets the best of him, and he has to miss a day or two of school each six weeks. He has had pneumonia all ready this year,( which usually happens twice a year), and I am so proud that even though he has missed a lot of school this year, he can still maintain a great grade point average!

Jerry and I are so proud of him!
My little Bailee Grace is such a trooper! Like I said before, each child is different, and Learns at their on pace. Bailee is such a disciplined student and person. She has a set schedule for EVERYTHING she does. And I mean everything. She has really turned into a very responsible young lady. It is amazing how much is has grown up in the last couple of months. I NEVER have to tell her to get her study material out at 8 pm, she is always ready and willing to study at the appointed time!
And that's what I am trying to instill in them. A great studying routine is essential for them in the future.If they develop great study habits now, the more the learning process will come natural. Hey, I am not a certified teacher, I am learning like them as we go! I am just a mother trying to be the best I can be, I am not PERECT, and I get frustrated just like they do!
Bailee is in a HARD grade. With 4th grade comes new standardized testing, and they expect so much from kids now- a -days. Bailee has had some concern with this, and shares it with me daily.
I help her with these struggles and often explain them to her so she can get a better grip on certain issues. Not only do I help her daily with this, but she also has tutoring on Tuesday and Wednesday's. She is doing really doing great, improving everyday, and her confidence level is only going up. This is my job I feel, to help her gain the up most confidence and to always believe in herself!
Bailee did great this 6-weeks! She made B Honor roll!
She was so proud of herself, and was looking forward to receiving awards that were so well deserved!
She also received an award for Reading 180. Two students were chosen out of the 4th grade for these awards. She chose this class instead of an elective to improve on her reading skills and comprehension. I thought that this was very grown up of her and showed her eagerness to improve on her grades! She has so improved in this subject!

Bailee and her friends!
She was so proud of her ribbon!
I am so very proud of both of my children!
There is no feeling like going to awards assembly and seeing your children being recognized for such hard work and determination and for being the best student they can be!
It is very rewarding as a parent. I pray daily for the Lord's guidance in teaching my children about life, love,and the great rewards that await them. They can only know this by being hard working discipline kids that can latter appreciate their hard work, and they can see what they do can lead to great success! The key is to try and never give up and ALWAYS believe in yourself!
Congratulations to Caiden and Bailee! Keep up the great work!

Mommy and Daddy will ALWAYS be proud of you no matter what!!