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Sunday, July 12, 2009


We had a great time visiting our state capital in Baton Rouge Louisiana
Jerry and I have been there several times, but this was Caiden and Bailee's first visit and they enjoyed learning about our State History.

Jerry and the kids walking up the LONG stairs, it was soo hot and they were so glad to finally get to the top!!

Caiden was so proud that he made it and thought he was Rocky!! One of my favorite movies!!

I cannot believe that Caiden was brave enough to climb here, I was kinda panicking but Jerry was trying to tell me that it was ok!

My Bailee

Inside the state Capitol, it was soo pretty

We had so much fun and glad our children got to visit our state capital and learn about our state's history, YES, even though it's summer we are still doing things that are essential to our children's education!