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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Bailee had I had the best time on her end of year field trip to various places in Baton Rouge!We went to Myrtle's Plantation,Rosedown Plantation, and the Bayou Swap Tour. It was such a wonder experience and I got to spend some great time with her! This picture of a snake was the highlight of the trip! While we were on the balcony of the Rosedown plantation, we saw this little creature just passing thorough the garden. The kids were in awe of this snake slithering along!
Bailee and I got up at 4 am to be at the school. We left at five thirty am! The school rented a BIG bus with many TVs for the kids to enjoy!

Some of the girls that were on the bus !!
Our first stop was Myrtles Plantation.

This a picture of one of Bailee's teachers and many girls on the field trip!

Bailee and her sweet teacher Mrs.Tanner. She was the BEST teacher! I so loved going to every party and function and helping her out in any way I could! Bailee and I love you dearly!!

This picture was a reflection of the famous mirror at Myrtles. They say that this mirror was special and the reflections were haunted, NOT!!

Bailee and her best friend Ashley with one of the tour guides.
I LOVE this picture! Bailee brought her yearbook on the trip for all her friends to sign! What a special moment in a girl's life! I see so much of me in Bailee! Special memories Bailee will have of all her friends in school!!

These are just pictures of various things in the plantations that I thought were really cool! I took soo many pictures, 420, to be exact, so it was very hard for me to choose which ones meant the most to me!

I absolutely LOVE this picture! This was a baby crib in the Rosedown plantation. This was the original crib!!
This is a picture of the boy's room. I LOVE the slingshot, for sure the hobby of a typical boy!

Of course, I took many pictures of the kitchen because I LOVE to cook!It is so amazing to me how women cooked back then! I feel so blessed to have the many convinces of electricity! And Dishwashers!

We had a great picnic time! I brought several blankets and me and some girls camped out on the ground and enjoyed nature, and YES, and lunch!!
Bailee and Ashley enjoying a cool soda on the bus! Bailee and Ashley toured the gift shop and ending up buying the old soda pops in the glass bottle. We sure have come a long way from this! But I am glad they enjoyed a cool refreshment!
Bailee's favorite part was the Bayou Swamp tour!

Bailee had I had soo much fun there! We learned many dance steps.
I was choosen to be the leader in a group of music groups, We voted on the name of the Gator Glory crawdads!
Bailee learning how to play her instrument
Bailee learning how to dance !

I think the biggest highlight of the trip for me was kissing an alliagator!! Several teachers were asked to kiss this adorable , yet, but scary, creature. At first, I must admit, I was TERRIFED!! But as soon as I closed my eyes, prayed to the Lord for safety, I somewhat felt at ease. Yes, CRAZY, but yet, so BRAVE!! I am soo glad that I took the chance to do this! Bailee was so proud of me and was so happy to be able to watch this and see me demonstrate some bravery and courage. Maybe I was just plain CARZY!! Only the Lord knows!!
Baliee enjoyed meeting this alliagtior and for having the chance to pet one!

After some dancing and petting the alliagtor, we got to enjoy some Domino's Pizza!
Bailee wrestling an alliagtor!

Bailee and Ashley
The Boyou Swamp Tour had a sign welcoming our school!

Bailee and I had such a great time on this trip! What a way to end the year with a trip like this! Again, I am feel so blessed to go on any trip with my children! I so enjoyed it!!