Our Fantastic Family Of Four Forever Believes

"Other things may change us, but we start and end with family" Anthony Brandt

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


The older I get, the more I cherish time the the ones I love. As a child, even more as a teenager, I would find ways to go out with friends, hoping that family gatherings would soon come to a end.Not now and I think it's because now that I have a family of my own, I appreciate the meaning of FAMILY. The times spent with them, well, is a new memory to store in my heart.

And what would my childhood memories be like? Some of my most fond and precious memories are the times I spend with my Papaw and Mammaw Frankin. Their home for many years was of one house in the Fairbanks plant yard. My Papaw could literally walk to work. I so remember staying with them as a child, my Mammaw would be watching the soap opera The Young and The Restless, while cooking my Papaw his lunch.

He would home home, eat and visit with us, watch the 12 o'clock news, and take a quick little nap! I had birthday parties in that plant house and even Santa clause Christmas'. Right after my dad died, my mom built a house in Fairbanks. Right after we moved in, our new house flooded, and we had to move in with Papaw and Mammaw. We spent Christmas with them, and it was one of my most remarkable Christmas'. I can still remember getting my awesome Scooby Doo record player!! I often share this memory with my children, and I asked them did they know what a record was. Bailee's response was:"Isn't that a big big CD?" I just had to laugh!! Kids just really don't know life without Internet,Cd's, and PlayStation's!!!

My sister, brother, and I spend many sunny days in that plant yard climbing trees, going across to the pecan orchard, picking pecans up, and swinging on that old worn out tree swing!! We used to love going on the porch while it was raining ,swinging with Papaw and Mammaw on that old creaky green swing! And how could we not forget get sleeping on that Old green pull out couch! Those are so much a big part of my life! Thanks Papaw and Mammaw for all those great times, and for being the best grandparents in the world!!

We have such a large family! So when we ALL get together for certain holidays, we are crammed from room to room!! I love coming from such a large family, and even though most of us are grown up, there is always a child coming out when I do visit my grandparents!

Me and Papaw in October 1981, I was 7 years old.I was the 1st grandchild, and I so loved him!I can still remember that chair!

Me, Papaw and Mammaw 2008. My grandparents are the backbone of my family. They are encourager's, awesome parents, and grandparents, protector's, and most of all, great Christians. They have always shown a strong faith in our Lord, and have demonstrated their love for family and the Lord. The entire Franklin family admire them,look up to them, and respect them! I love y'all so much!!

We had 2o people present, minus Chad, Casey, and my favorite niece Isabel. We miss them soo much, but the next time I see them, it will be a family of four, like mine. They are going to have a little boy in May!!!I am soo excited!! Caiden is too, he wants another boy cousin to play with!! Congrats to them! We are so blessed that Chad will be able to carry out the Beckley name in another generation!!
I love walking onto my grandparents house. Papaw always meets everyone at the door with a big hug! I love to watch every family member arrive. Everyone hugs one another.

Everyone is around the dessert table!

Bailee and my 1st cousin Ashley

I love to see Papaw sitting in his favorite chair. He looks so happy and content! This is how I will always see him. Content and humble! I love you Papaw! He was just sitting back, enjoying seeing his family together

Sisters Emily and Ashley

I am so blessed that Jerry was here to celebrate Christmas with us! He had to leave for work last year on Christmas Day!! Thank you God for allowing Jerry to be with us!

Bailee Grace loves Mammaw Faye. She loves to go over there with her cousin Marlee. When I took this picture, it was a flashback of me.Me and my Mammaw. I am so glad that They are here to enjoy having great grandchildren.

My favorite Christmas tradition with my grandparents are when Papaw reads the Birth Of Jesus from the Bible. I always hold back tears, trying to smile because I as so happy that he is with us another year to read this Miracle of Life to us. To experience this most blessed and wonderful gift that we have received. A Saviour, the one who allowed us to have hope and so blessed us with a huge and loving family!

Working in the kitchen! We love to EAT!! Frankins are known for cooking, and we enjoy the cooking just as much as the eatin!! We did not have the traditional Turkey and dressing. We had good old gumbo! Thanks to my mom and aunt Deb for making HUGE pots of it!! It was yummy! I made my famous seven layer salad and we had various finger foods to go along with it. And the endless choices of dessert!

MY family eating and enjoying each other 's company
After we ate, we did something a little different! Someone started pulling out numerous old photographs of our family. We sat around the dinner table, and laughed and laughed! It was great to see everyone so happy!

We had such a great time looking at our family's past experiences. I cannot believe how homey I used to look!! Caiden and Bailee got a kick out of it!! They could not believe how I used to look!

I didn't even realize how many photos my grandparents had of us!!

They were some even back when my mom was little! Mammaw told us that we could have any photos that we wanted . I took several and cannot wait to do a post on my childhood pictures!!We sat and looked at the photos for a good solid hour and the kids were getting impatient. They were ready to open gifts, just like any other kid at Christmas!

Erin was having a good time!

My boys!! Caiden so loves his dad!

Caiden and Bailee opening gifts

Bailee played Santa and helped Mamaw hand out gifts

Kay Kay and Pappy

Papaw opening a gift

Bailee and her cousin Marlee

Bailee was so excited about getting a Hannah Montana make up kit!

Mine and Jerry's gift! He is always so considerate, he tells me to open them!!

My babies!I love seeing them happy!

Bailee loved thois little Chihuahua calender! We love our litle puppies now Bailee can put thier birthdays in it!!

I snuck into the bathroom watching Bailee and Marlee putting on thier makeup!!

It was so cute watching them, they were precious!

We had such a wonderful time! I cherish every family gathering I have.Whether it's a holiday gathering, or just a little visit with my grandparents, I will always appreicate time spent with the ones I love the most!!