Our Fantastic Family Of Four Forever Believes

"Other things may change us, but we start and end with family" Anthony Brandt

Friday, November 07, 2008


Yes, we are still celebrating Halloween, only this time Jerry is with us! Jerry always brings little prizes for Caiden and Bailee when he comes home. We always look forward to him honking the horn when he drives up in the drive way. The day that he travels home, Jerry and I are constantly texting each other, and we are telling each other how much we miss each other and love each other , and how we can't wait to see one another. It is soo much like when we were dating, how we would talk on the phone for hours, about how we couldn't wait to see another! He kids get so excited about him coming home, they are always looking out the windows to see that white Impala pulling up in the driveway !! As always, when he arrived Thursday night, we all met him out outside, and have him big hugs and kisses. Then we all go inside and help him carry luggage in. He was so glad to come in the house to the smell of Ham cooking and he was so ready for a home cooked meal! He eats out a lot when he is away, and so craves my home cooking. After getting settled in, He came to the door with a huge Halloween Decoration for Caiden and Bailee. He got it for them since he could not be here on Halloween, and wanted them to know that we was sorry that he missed it.
They were so excited that Jerry got it for them! It talks and blinks and moves and says all sorts of things!! The kids quickly went and got some of their Halloween candy and filled it up !! They played with it all Thursday night. Jerry is so thoughtful and he cares so much about our family. I think sometimes that people often take family for granted. We sometimes get in a routine of working,doing chores, cooking, doing homework, and we often forget our grateful and blessed we are. But, not us, we treasure every moment our family has together, for we know how blessed we are to have such a loving family. God puts us in situations sometimes to remind us how blessed we are to have a family, and nobody knows that better than us, for we will NEVER take for granted how God blessed us and always protects us and how He allowed us to be a family. Thank you Lord that we can always count on you for allowing us to be together!! And thank you Lord, for our Jerry being able to come home!