Our Fantastic Family Of Four Forever Believes

"Other things may change us, but we start and end with family" Anthony Brandt

Sunday, January 11, 2009


My Bailee Grace loves her daddy. She has really enjoyed the time she has spent with him over the past couple of weeks. She is growing up so fast and so has many new interests. I often see her as that little toddler that was playing with her little baby doll, and rocking that little baby in her arms. I can remember the times when she would tell me "mommy, baby is hurt, she needs a band aid." Bailee has always had a strong motherly instinct. She has recently taking on some these roles. Especially when Jerry is gone. When I am tied up doing things, she has always stepped up and helped me.She often loads the dishwasher and helps fold clothes. Rather it be helping me cook, or simply writing me a little note telling me that I am the best mother a girl could ask for. She is often the one who set's her alarm clock, making sure that she is up ,and she makes sure my coffee pot was set on AUTO, for she knows momma needs coffee first thing! She always helps fold clothes and always has her clothes laid out out for school. Bailee's heart is so big, and there is always room there for love, and forgiveness. Bailee is so much like her daddy. She always see the best in people, and knows that even though there can be dishonesty, and disappoint, there is always room for forgiveness, for they both see the best intention was offered. Jerry and her share the likeness of putting other's happiness before their very own. They love to see others happy. Their hearts are quickly twinged at seeing other's getting joy. How I admire their thoughtfulness and unselfishness. So, you can see why Bailee and her dad have such a special bond. Not only is Bailee taking on Jerry's traits physically, (for when she was born, she looks identical to me, but she looks more like her dad), but she also has taken on his special disposition and heart. Bailee is embarking on new roads, and she is finding her place in this world. I dread some this this new experiences that she will encounter. Such as her 1st heartbreak, and her finding out that this world is not as innocent and forgiving as she is. I feel somewhat of a hesitance to let her go (one day I will , but not now, I am holding on to every moment I have with her). But I know that deep in my heart, she will take with her the lessons and experiences that we have instilled in her. Jerry and I have so many hopes and dreams for our Bailee Grace, and we know that she will one day, when we least expect it,will make a big difference in this world.
But for now, one thing is constant and never changing... and that is she will always be DADDY'S GIRL.