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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

SYATP 2009

We had a GREAT turnout at See You At The Poles!
We met at First Baptist Church Of Swartz at 6 am for a time of breakfast, fellowship, and even some door prizes!
We had a awesome day set aside for us as Christians to pray for our schools, students, and for our country!

Bro. Thomas speaking to our students, parents, and teachers.
This sign was posted on every classroom showing that prayer was said!
Bailee and her Friend Mary Grace and their teacher

My whole family along with others

The group saluting our flag! What a wonderful gathering we had!! I thank God for Christian students, parents, and teachers in our schools!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Bailee had a project to do for her 5th grade science class.
Caiden did one last year, and so enjoyed this project. Girls and Boys are so different, for Bailee wanted her project GREAT!! So we took several rocks and spray painted them and made it a Fall Theme.
We took a simple cardboard box, painted it, glued on it, and put hay in the bottom. We glued several leaves on rocks. We also took some pilgrim faces and glued them onto the rocks. I found a cute little pumpkin that used batteries and blinked in and off! It was so cool!!

She painted jack o lantern faces on some of the rocks.
Bailee and her friend Ashley evened worked together on their projects. We had so much fun doing this cute little pet rock project!! Bailee made a 100 on it!!