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"Other things may change us, but we start and end with family" Anthony Brandt

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Caiden read that required reading book just in time, for he has already had to write a paper on it!! Hope he takes this as a lesson learned... preparation is essential!!!


Kinda overwheming! (the books)

She was showing me what she did in class

She was proud of her folder

When I picked up the kids from school today, I saw Bailee struggling to carry her backpack.I asked her if she needed help, and of course, being a girl, (independent) she declined my offer to help. When we got home, she was soo excited about telling me about her day, and the friends that she made. THEN... she had to show me ALL the books and workbooks in her backpack. Man, I could not BELIEVE the books. 4th grade is a really tough grade, and I know that we are really going to have to work hard this year. But, that's why I am home with them, I am devoted to helping them work and study hard, so when we look back, we will know that we gave it our all with no regrets. It's going to be a great year, but it's also going to be a year of constant working and studying... Bring it on... I LOVE a challenge, and we will succeed!


Yes, it's back! I love ordering books for Caiden and Bailee from Scholastic Book Club. The school sends home this order form once a month. The kids and I have so much fun deciding on which books to order, but we have to be careful, for we ALWAYS end up with such too many orders!


Being a Stay-At Home is great! I can't think of anything else to do, than be home with my children.With school starting back, I am getting to do stuff that is long over due, like dusting ceiling fans, etc.When I became pregnant with Caiden, I had so may hopes and dreams for my journey of motherhood.I Envisioned my life to be like Leave It To Beaver. I was the perfect mom, with the perfect children, bringing my children and husband their supper plates. Cooking in that pretty, well ironed unblemished dress, on top of that, the apron, and we ALL sitting down at the dinner table...BUT... I start dinner late, and while trying to cook, I hear screaming and fighting and the dog barking.My clothing consists of sweat pants, one of Caiden's ball shirts on, my hair in a pony tail, no makeup AND my slippers!! So, with that being said, My kids came home today with the "Traditional" milk and cookies after school snack. Mrs. Cleaver would have made them homemade, BUT as you can see, I did not! No, my life is not perfect, nor my children, and know I have realized that as long as you try your best, to me, well, that's perfection at is best!


Is watching my babies walk away...