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Monday, October 13, 2008


Happy Birthday Caiden!! Your dad worked very hard to get you these tickets!!I know you had the time of your life!! I am 34 years old and I attended my first Pro-Football game, and I must say that it was an amazing experience!! The fans screaming, everyone yelling for our Saints, it was great!! The kids were speechless, it was an awesome time!!! Thank you Jerry for all you do for our family! You are so thoughtful and always make our family times the greatest! We love you so much!!

I picked up the kids after school. I had everything packed and ready to go! What was really cool was that Caiden and Bo had Saints necklaces on and were ready to go to the Saints game! Each 6-weeks at school, they have a Gator Goal Store. This is for certain students who do good deeds without having to be told. Kinda like a Good Samaritan award. So, they spent their money on these Saints necklaces! They got the last two left!! These necklaces seem to be the hot item. Bailee also received money and bought stuff for her to play school with.

Our trip to New Orleans was a great one! We got on the road, not stopping too much, but allowed time to relax and take in what we wanted too!
The kids and I have traveled a lot across different states. Caiden and Bailee have been to so many places, but no matter how many times we travel, the kids still get so excited about traveling!! They still think it is so neat that we travel through Louisiana, then Mississippi, and end up in Louisiana....AGAIN!!
We finally arrived in New Orleans around 8 pm. The kids were soo excited to see Jerry!! I was too! Traveling has become a big part of our lives. This is how our family is for now, and we just make the best of it!! Jerry may be away a lot, but other opportunities have allowed us to experience many different things. By the time Caiden and Bailee are in their teens, they would have been and experienced many many different things.They will for sure appreciate their own culture and many others! After arriving , we all went to Apple Bee's to eat. We talked about our day and about what we were going to do this weekend.
After that we settled in the hotel, and Caiden and Bo were talking about the weekend. God Bless little spaces!!! We are in a hotel room, mainly reserved for one person and we had five people in a very tiny room, but we made it work! That's part of the fun!!
Jerry had to work Saturday, But The kids and I had a fun day planned! We ate breakfast and the boys played a little football at the hotel. You just have to be creative, we have been in soo many hotels, and we have really made the best of it!! You don't have to be constantly be somewhere, you can really do a lot if you just use your imagination!!

Ok, you must think we are crazy, the middle of October.. Swimming..out of the question, BUT we are down South, and the weather is quite warm still, so I let the kids swim in the hotel's pool! They had one good last swim for the year!!
After our swim, we got ready for a great movie that was in walking distance from the hotel! We went and say Beverly Hills Chihuahua! It turned out to be a great Movie!! Of course, there were quite amount of sniffles being that we had a white Chihuahua that looked exactly like Chloe, our Bubba! We missed our little puppies, but we knew that they were taken really great care of! Bo's Mom Mrs. Leslie looked after them ,and she almost took them home with her!! We ate Mexican food for lunch with Jerry since the Chihuahua race spun from Mexico!!
After our movie, we rested and got ready for the LSU game. Ok, we were dressed in our normal attire, like always, but for some reason, they Lost!! Oh, well, we were upset, but losing is part of the game!!
We had good old Pop eyes chicken and just enjoyed being together! Our focus was on the Saints game now!!

No matter win or lose, We all love watching LSU!
The day had finally arrived!!! We all got up very early Sunday morning and ate Shoney's for breakfast.
We were all ready to go see The New Orleans Saints play!!
Bailee and I were just as excited as the boys were!

The Super Dome is sooo HUGE!!
I could not get over how big it really was. On tv, it doesn't look that big, I am just glad our family got to experience this once in a lifetime thing!!
Of course, we had to take plenty of pictures!!

It seems like we walked about 10 miles that day, but we were ready for it!

We finally made it to our gate. Our tickets were in Gate E. Of course, we got there 2 hours before kick off, but we knew that we needed to beat the rush, and simply, well, We were just too dang excited!

We headed to to the official Saints gift shop, so Caiden and Bo wanted to get a couple of things, and Bailee and I did to!
We are all decked out in our Saints jersey's!
We had soo much fun watching the game.

There were so many people there. They were screaming and cheering, it was a lot of fun!

Caiden was cheering on the Saints!

This was really cool, The players came out of this blow- up jumpie thing, there were fireworks each time a Saints player came on the field.

Geaux Saints!!

Look at ALL the people!!

We made some new friends!! They were sitting above us!

This was teh final score!! The Saints won!!! YES!! I am so glad that we were there!!

Caiden and Bo were admiring thier little gifts that they got from the gift shop.
This was leaving after the game, there was a traffic jam of people.

Thanks Jerry for a great weekend! We are so glad that you were able to get tickets and suprise Caiden!! We all had so much fun... ANd now... we want to go to a LSU game!!!!

After the game, we loaded up to get ready to drive back home. Jerry decided to take us to eat at a little seafood place that was by the water. The kids had so much fun throwing little rocks into the water.

We had a AWESOME time!!

The Saints in Action: