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"Other things may change us, but we start and end with family" Anthony Brandt

Saturday, September 13, 2008


I am and will always be a die hard LSU fan! And so will Caiden and and Bailee!
We had a great time watching the LSU game! Bailee and I had on the same exact shorts!
I cooked little appetizers for our game time and they loved it!
We always have fun watching the game and they get into so much!
Way to go LSU go their victory and it's only the beginning! We know that they will come through for us and will win another time!!


God just keeps amazing me!! I have had this trip planned for a week, and with Hurricane Ike, I was very concerned about whether we would be able to pull this off. The Lord came through like He always does and we had a most wonderful weekend!

I picked up the kids, and their friends from school and we headed to the town of Delhi! Bailee's little friend could not make our trip, but she would soon join us after! And you can imagine the excitement the kids had for this trip! I still cannot believe that I loaded 5 kids in my car, and headed for the small town of Delhi!
I had called several times during the day.. making sure the weather was good and that we would get to experience the High Delta Safari in all it's glory!

I was a little worried, for at 2:30, it was raining! But she told me to go ahead and come! The ride there was great! The kids were so well behaved, and considering how excited they were, I thought they were great or the 45 minute drive!

The boys looked at their baseball cards, trying to decide which ones to trade, and they also blue toothed many ringers to each others phone! My Bailee Grace sat up front with me keeping me company!
When we finally arrived, We were so ready to go on our Safari!
For us to experience all it had to offer was a tad too expensive, 79 dollars to be exact, being that I had 5 kids with me, I decided to do the petting zoo. They also had a cool playground for the kids to play on too!
When we all walked in the door... It was like we walked into a jungle! The gift shop had soo much stuff in it! Stuff animals, candles (I was in heaven!!), home decor and many more things!
We got 2 cupfuls of food to feed the animals. The food consisted of cabbage, lettuce and carrots. The kids were so excited about getting to feed the little creatures! They had goats, rabbits, pot bellied pigs!

The Safari place had chickens, turtles, and turkeys.
The kids were kinda scared at the turkey, so I had to walk with them when we got around the turkeys.
Luke would say,"Mrs. Danielle, come get me!"
It was cool though to see the turkey spread his feathers. I think that they are just as pretty as peacocks! They really had a lot of fun feeding the animals. They loved watching the animals interacting with the other animals.

Of course, the goats were fighting with the other goats.
Some of the kids even held some of the animals.
They mainly held the goats
And when they did, the goat eat leaves off some of the little trees.

But the animals like the cabbage food better!
Especially the rabbits, they LOVED the carrots.
Caiden fell in love with one particular rabbit.
He was trying so hard to pick him up, but the rabbit was much too fast!
Bailee of course was trying to be a mother to them! She did keep her distance around some of the animals, the chickens to be exact!
Hunter fell in love with this goat. He held him almost the entire time there!
It was so fun to see them enjoying this experience!
Bailee was being conservative, she was making sure that every animal got food!! She is so precious!

Caiden and Bo were trying to get that little rabbit to come out

Caiden wanted soo bad to pick up this little rabbit!

They even had a python snake... It was behind glass..of course!

Caiden....still trying

My Bailee was go glad that she got to hold the goat!

The animals:

They had so much fun on the playground!

We then headed to Burger King to grab a bite to eat

They were so hungry!
And yes...I brought with me Hand Sanitzer, BUT they washed thier hands AGAIN!
The boys eating popcorn

Since Luke and Hunter were going to see wrestling Saturday night, they decided to do some wrestling of thier own!

I allow it, BUT if they get too rowdy and someone gets hurt... I make them stop

Playstation time

And of course that played football

And they traded baseball cards

Bailee's friend, Brainna came to our house after we got back from the Safari!
Bailee was so excited about her coming.. She is in Bailee's class from school
Brianna was so glad that Bailee asked her to spend-the-night

They did art projects.. They painted some very pretty pictures

They sang and danced..She fit right along in there with Bailee, Bailee's passion is singing!
They eat popcorn and had plenty of girl talk!

They played dress-up and painted each other's nails

I think they have seen the movie Legally Blonde one too many times! They each a a stuff puppy in thier handbags!

Saturday Morning we all piled in the car, I was scared the weather was about to get bad and I know that when weather is bad, I want my children home with me, so i decided it ws best to go head and bring everyone home
Of course, Bailee being the Queen Bee, she got to sit in the front seat!

This weekend was a blast! I am more than willing to always take Caiden and Bailee and thier freinds to fun things like this! It was a great weekend! Matter of fact, I am taking Caiden and Bailee back next weekend to do the whole safari !