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"Other things may change us, but we start and end with family" Anthony Brandt

Friday, December 19, 2008


Bailee had a wonderful Christmas field trip. Bailee and I have been looking forward to it for weeks.
I followed the bus to the mall where we saw the movie Madagascar 2. We had already seen it as a family, but never get tired of seeing movies. After the movie, we got to go to the food court and choose where we wanted to eat. I took Bailee and one of her best friends with me, and of course, they choose MacDonald's!
After the mall, we arrived at one of our local nursing homes. This was the best part of the trip,Bailee was so excited about singing to the people. This was right up Bailee's alley. She LOVES to sing. She is always in her room with her microphone singing. I knew Bailee was going to have such a wonderful time here!
I got to sneak on the bus, and found Bailee and Ashley practicing their songs. I was so moved at the fact that this really meant a lot to them.They were so precious!
Hand in hand, they were ready to meet and sing to the elderly.
Of course, we had to stop and talk to Good Old Saint Nick! Bailee and Ashley told Santa that they have been real real nice this year!!
The kids all gathered around the Christmas tree and sang their little hearts out!
The elderly really enjoyed the children's singing. Some of them even sang along with them!
I was so proud of each one of the children.
I love going to the nursing home. I feel so bad for some of them. Some don't have any family, and sometimes they don't get visitors ever. They are so eager for conversation and fellowship. I am glad that we got to give it to them.
I hope that we can all learn a lesson from this, we should always help those in need to can't always do for themselves.
After the singing, the kids got to hand out Christmas cards to some of the elderly.

We had such a great time meeting and visiting with them all. It was a wonderful and humbling experience for me and Bailee as well. She really took to some of them, and she spoke to them, her words were so genuine, and she loved talking to them.
What was really special was that Bailee got to read her Christmas card to a blind woman. I was almost in tears watching Bailee so kindly reading her card to her, it was such a heart warming moment for me, Bailee has so much compassion for people in general, but she really has such a giving heart when it comes to those less fortunate. I enjoyed this trip so much, and I was so glad that I got to go with her!