Our Fantastic Family Of Four Forever Believes

"Other things may change us, but we start and end with family" Anthony Brandt

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Kay Kay came over Sunday afternoon to give Caiden and Bailee their Valentine presents.

Bailee was taking a nap at the time, all the medicine that she has been taking makes her sleepy, and I hate that she did not get to see her Kay Kay, but she needs rest to get better.

Caiden got a cool LSU jacket. He loves LSU and he was glad to get it.

I love the back of it!!

He also got a iTunes card for his iPod.

My Bailee Grace awoke from her nap feeling better and was ready to see her gifts!

She also got a iTunes card and..

Some Yellowbox shoes! They are so cute!! I love this brand of shoes!

This Valentine's Year was in celebration of having a blessed family and for having our Bubba for exactly one year!

Our Certificate's of Love to each other.

Our family has a wonderful Valentines.Even though the kids and I have been sick and Jerry got deployed to work.

I am so glad that we had time with Jerry. The last 2 months have been great with him home.

Our family has been through so much in the last 2 weeks. We have been back and fourth to the doctor, BUT God is in control and we are still gonna praise Him!Our family has become so stronger the last 2 weeks and we have learned so much about taking care of one another. Jerry helped out so much, taking care of me and the kids, giving us Gatorade to drink, making sure our medicines were given on time, and giving us lots of TLC. A lot was put on him and he took on duties that I would normally do, and he NEVER once complained, I love you Jerry so much, we are blessed to have you, thanks so much!You are the best and most caring man I know.

Even in the midst of catching up each kid on school work, which has really been a challenge,Bailee still found enjoyment in making her Valentine cards for her classmates.

This particular day, she was feeling somewhat better and was looking forward to doing this for her school party.Later we found out that she was still having problems with her ears and had to take her back to the doctor Friday. Bailee has had so many ear problems since she was born.

Since Bailee was sick Friday and could not make her Valentine party, and since Jerry left for work, I could not attend Caiden's party. I felt bad for Caiden, be he understood. BUT, Bailee's best friend Ashley, stopped by the house Friday evening and brought Bailee her Valentine gifts from school. How sweet of Ashley!! My kids have some of the best friends! Bailee was so happy to see her and to get to visit with her.Bailee really appreciated her thoughtfulness!

Jerry got the call Thursday night while he and Caiden were at the ULM Basketball game. We dread those calls and we know that it's coming so we always prepare for it. He is always so thoughtful and decided to go ahead and give me my gift. Thanks Jerry, I LOVED it and the card made me cry! You are such a great person, you are my idol, and I want to be more like you everyday, what a great example you are to me, our children, and those you are around you. You always make such a everlasting wonderful impression on people!

After we took Bailee to the doctor, I gave him my gift. We give each other little things through out the year, so we really don't make a big deal out of this day. Yes, it's a special day, but everyday we can have with each other is the best day anyway!!

Jerry like the "simple" things the most. This Huge card I gave him meant so much to him, just the thought behind was all he wanted and needed. He loved it! He is my sweetheart! The only man I have ever loved and will only love!

Usually I would bake goodies with the kids, but they were not up to it, so we just took it easy and enjoyed the day. My main concern at the this point was to let the kids get plenty of rest and to try to make them as comfortable as possible so they could really have fun getting their gifts.

They were so excited about getting their gifts and was happy when I came in holding those 2 gifts.. AND I was happy to see them smile!!

I love so much more "giving" than receiving. I love to see those I love the most happy. To make someone smile lets me know I made their day, and I truly believe Caiden and Bailee were happy with their gifts!

Last year on Valentine's Day, my mother gave Caiden and Bailee one of the best gifts.. our little white Chihuahua Bubba. Our family has watched this sweet little puppy grow over the last year. We cannot imagine our life without him.

So in celebration of having Bubba exactly one year, I printed out a photo of each one of the kids with Bubba and put it into their cards.

This meant to the most to them, they love him so much and have really enjoyed having him around. Bubba loves to curl up beside them, lick them silly and loves being a part of our family!

Caiden loved his football cards

Bailee loved her little bottles of body spray!

It was now my turn to open my card from the kids.

Caiden was so excited about giving it to me.

It was the most sweetest cards I have ever gotten, I was crying. I love my kids so much and I love being not just a mother, but "their" mother. Long before I was born, the Lord had a plan for me and picked me to be the mother of Caiden and Bailee.I have some of the most sweetest and considerate kids.

My very sweet card from Caiden and Bailee

Showing love to my sweet son!

More love to my sweet daughter!
I love them soo much!

After gift time and some lunch Caiden called Bo and they got together and played for an hour. Caiden was doing good, and wanted to enjoy some of the nice weather.My Bailee was better but still not ready to get out. We sat on her bed and looked through all her stuff and ate some chocolate. She was happy for that, for she was glad to be doing something other than lying down sleeping from being sick.

Bubba and Bailee

Caiden and Bubba

Happy Valentine's Day Bubba, we are so happy you are part of our family!

AND of couse we have our Baxter too, Bubba would be lost without him!

We had a great day!