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Thursday, July 23, 2009


We had such a great time at this water park!

The kids and I went along with my friend and her daughter Friday.

Then we all went back Sunday with Jerry.

Bailee was so glad to have a friend there to enjoy all the water rides!

They played in the wave pool

The kids also enjoyed a relaxing stroll along the Lazy river.

Bailee coming down the big water slide. I was so proud of both of them. They did almost every one. I think We only skipped out on just one!

Only In the Bayou state!!

Bailee and Laurin were inseparable, they got along so well!

They enjoyed riding the rides, I was so glad they worked together carrying the tube up the stairs, I had a hard time climbing all those stairs.

Here is Jerry and the kids on the 1st water slide

It was so fun to watch the look in their faces, they LOVED it!

Me and the kids on a water slide.

You really get splashed a lot when you are first on those tubes!! I was drenched!

I LOVE this picture. How sweet , A brother and sister.

This water ride was AWESOME!! I call it the LSU ride!

Bailee going down . It was a straight down ride, it was very fast.

I was really scared, and endured it, and loved it!

Me and the kids

You spin around like a toliet bowl with this ride.

Jerry and I racing down the slide

I beat him!

The kids racing

Jerry and the kids

This ride was very dark inside and the water hot

The kids cooling off

We took a little snack break and got some nachos and a coke. Rested and we were ready to go at it again


Look at those HUGE feet!



We walked over to the amusement park and did the only water ride they had the log ride. We wanted to go ahead and do this because we were going there that night and we did not want to get wet again.

It was FUN!

Our BIG splash at the end!

We had so much fun and cannot wait to go back!