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Thursday, July 10, 2008


" You shall love your neighbor as yourself" Matt. 22:39
sometimes goes unnoticed and when someone does something" nice" for us, we just do not think to say"thank you". Our society today is very much "me" oriented and they expect acts of kindness to be a requirement before they return the favor. Why can't we just help someone in need, just because its the right thing to do, and not expect anything in return, for it is pleasing to my soul to be able to help a friend in need. This was the case yesterday, i was in need, and my neighbor performed one of the many acts of kindness that does not go unnoticed and appreciated. It was just Bailee and I yesterday, Caiden went to the water park with some friends. We were bored and in need of fresh air, so we decided to go riding around, and decided to go get a snow cone. I got everything together, keys,purse, putting Bubba up, and we headed out the door. We got in the car, and the car would not start. I panicked, the feeling of being trapped, not being able to go anywhere was making me sick at my stomach, what if one of kids had accident, how would i be able to get them to the hospital. Thoughts of strick panic flooded my mind. All I was thinking about was Caiden and his asthma, what if he had an attack, how would I get him the the hospital in time, asthma is a condition that should not be taken lightly. It kills thousands of people everyday. Time was a crucial factor. I decided to look around my neighbourhood to see who, if anyone, was home during this time of day. I looked across the street, and i saw a car home, so decided to go over there. I told this man of my situation, he listened with compassion and opened ears and told me that it was no problem. He would soon be over at my house, performing car mechanics 101. He soon pulled up in my driveway, and we soon noticed that his battery and my battery were on opposites ends of each other, and we would have to find another alternative route. His jumper cables were not long enough and it was going to be a real "booger" to mess with. He proceeded to take his battery out of his car, which took an hour, give or take the time it took to do this without messing up his car. There was a lot of battery acid build up on my battery, and can you believe that he took time to clean it up for me! He told me that we was concerned for our safety. This process took all together 2 hours, and i was so grateful for him helping me, he preformed one of those many acts of kindness that goes unnoticed, but that day, God sent him to me, a blessing in disguise, and his kindness does not go unappreciated, for he saved me from a gloomy day of despair. I was in need, and with a simple act of kindness, this man will forever be in my mind the kind of neighbor that i can love, in Christ's love, and that the kind of neighbour that expects nothing in return, for he was satisfied with the satisfaction of helping someone in need, that was enough for him!! Thank you my kind neighbor!

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Anonymous said...

How kind! I know you are thankful for your neighbor!