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Saturday, July 12, 2008


Pappaw Larry is the best Pappaw in the world!
He loves spending time with grand kids. Caiden has always had a special bond with him. He was the 1st boy grandchild born into the Elleman family. Caiden was also named after his pappaw. Pappaw took Caiden and his boy cousins to the Civic Center to The Public Safety Expo. There were many things there pertaining to safety issues. Caiden said that there was police trailers, K-9 dogs, guns. Policing runs in the Ellerman family. Pappaw is a cop, Jerry was a cop for 10 years, and Jerry's brother is a cop. Caiden thinks he would like to be a cop to carry on the Ellerman legacy, but i told him he still has plenty of time to decide on a career! They had a really good time! Caiden was happy to get to spend some time with his pappaw Larry and his cousins! Caiden has been so busy with his baseball friends and rarley has time to spend with his favorite cousin. He was so excited about all the "free" stuff he got!

Christmas time with Pappaw Larry!


Caiden and his bag of goodies!!!
Goodies Goodies, and more Goodies

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