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Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Measuring cups? Who needs them! I never measure "anything" just estimate, and do what feels right! I did try measuring at one point, and the meal wasn't up to my usual standards, so i just don't use them!

Good mixing bowls are always needed and used alot when I cook for my fantastic family! Its is always good to have many sizes.

This huge stock pot is essential for cooking big meals,for large families, and it can hold alot!! I use this stock pot to make my famous southern seafood gumbo, and chicken n dumplings. I also use it to boil my chicken in, becasue i usally buy a large package of chicken breast, and make "several" meals from one package! Gotta save money somehow, the way my family loves to eat!

I love using a variety of cooking oils. i mainly use red wine vinegar, it adds some twang to any meal. i use virgin olive oil a lot too. its good to have when you are stir frying, or just browning any type of vegetable.

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