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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


AND already homework!! This book was required for summer reading for all children entering 5th grade. Caiden knew that he HAD to read this book, but heard it was boring and put it off a little to late. Don't get me wrong, I Never push anything on my children, for Caiden has read TONS of books this summer. How he fitted in all in this summer is beyond me! With baseball ALL summer, friends over every single day, and playing PlayStation... Well, he did it! He will be tested on this book over the next two weeks. What's amazing to me is that he started on this book at 5 pm and finished at 6:30! SO, he should be well prepared for the test! I love the fact that he loves to read, just like his dad. My sister -in-law told me (she is a teacher) that reading is so important to a child. I can remember when Caiden was little and I was reading simple books to him, she told me that that was the best thing I could do for him. She said that it would help him in school and help them develop a healthy imagination, she was right! He kept telling Bailee and me to be quiet, for he requires SILENCE, but we have things we have to do! Tonight Bo called and he told him that he feels confident about passing the test, only being that he was only 1/2 through the book... that's Caiden.. always positive!

This is Caiden's serious side, very rare, he is such a clown!

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