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"Other things may change us, but we start and end with family" Anthony Brandt

Saturday, August 09, 2008


Our family life is a lot different from other families. We are apart sometimes, but when we are together, we definitely make up for lost time.. Our children have traveled a lot, and have been to more states than a lot of children their age. We look at this as possibilities and new experiences for them. They love traveling and they usually get a souvenir for each state that we visit. Even though we were in hotel, we made it as "homey" as possible. We cooked and did what "normal" families do on a daily basis. We played games, watched TV, and talked about our day just like normal families do. It's all about improvising and using what you do have, and making the best of it! So, in all actually, Home can be anywhere, and everywhere, you just have to use your imagination, and rely on each other to make it the best it can be! We are A Fantastic Family Of Four anywhere we go! This is our family life for now, and i must say, we are doing just fine! Home is where your heart is, and our hearts are always with each other. These are the times that I truly cherish, and I am soo glad that we get to do all that we do as a family. These times will shape our family and these experiences make our family life so unique. What other families get to travel all over the place, everytime we travel with Jerry's job, its one of many mini-vacations that we will explore and cherish forever. Home is love, and our doors are always open for many more "homey" places!

A perfect well prepared meal of grilled chicken and all the sides that go with it! It was great!

Perfection, I always put my heart and soul into my cooking

Bailee and me cooking, she loves to help!

I had to actually tear open salt and pepper to put in the containers, hey, gotta do what you gotta do!
This was so time comsuming, but I was DETERMINED to make it all work out for us!

Jerry firing up the grill, while the kids swim, it felt just like home!

Caiden and Jerry dicussing plans for tomorrow!

Bailee eating breakfast, Man, this hotel had a great breakfast menu!

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