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Sunday, August 24, 2008


We love in many different ways, It can be anything from a simple saying "I love you" to a great big hug. We can also show love by just being there, no words said, just by looking into someones eyes, we can feel and know that they love us. WELL, Bailee showed me tonight another way to show love. Technology is amazing and it keeps improving everyday. Sometimes I agree, sometimes not. Yes, our children have cell- phones for various reasons, but this was a personal decision Jerry and I made. Well, being that I sleep with my cell-phone, for we don't have a home phone, Its pretty much always with me. Mostly in the pocket of my sweat pants! Caiden's cell phone stays pretty much charged as were Bailee has hers with her pretty much all the time. Since school as started, our sleeping schedule is still a little thrown off, and we are still trying to get it back to normal as possible. Now that they are just a tad bit older, I make sure that they are in bed by 9. But, with them being children, they are not always going to go right to sleep! You can make them go to bed, but you can't make them go to sleep! Any way, Bailee was in her bed, I was doing my usual routine, of picking up the house after I tucked them into bed. I did not have my cell phone on me, and Bailee told me that she heard my phone ringing.... So, I go and check it out. It was a text message from Bailee.. Just a simple " I love you" Those 3 little words , just 3, made me feel so happy and so loved. It's the little things that we do for another that means so much! Bailee is so thoughtful and for some reason, she felt like I needed to hear that! And, I did. I miss Jerry so much, and my heart grows heavy and I get weary sometimes because I know he wants to be here.And they miss him too. Of course, I had to text her back, and she was happy I did. So, love can be shown different ways, the only thing that matters is that you make sure its reciprocated !

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