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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I feel really good about Caiden and Bailee's school year. I have really put a lot of planning into their school work and studies. I am trying something new this year and it seems to be agreeing with us! I have snack ready for them when they get home. Then then start on homework, this includes written assignments, such as Math, Spelling, and English. I am trying so hard this year, to make them figure it out for themselves, only asking me for help, when they are stuck. I believe they they should TRY first, THEN, ask for help. I believe that this is essential for learning. They are at the age where they should assume some responsibility, I am there to help, not do it for them. They are spending anywhere from 30 minutes to 45 minutes on it. Which, I feel is a sufficient amount of time. I then let them have free time, this means tv or video games, or just simply relaxing. Then we have supper, kitchen clean up, and then their bath. We then have study time. This usually starts around 7:30, and they each go to a room and look over their study material. I usually give them about 10 minutes to look over it and then I individually go to them and study for tests that are due in 4 days in advance. I try to make it fun for them. This helps them to retain the knowledge, and makes them want to learn more. Caiden has made little songs to help him ,and Bailee likes for me to mix things up a bit, so it doesn't seem redundant. I am taking all this into consideration when I was in college. I seemed to retain more when I studied right before bed time. They go to bed with that in mind, and they seem to sleep with that in their heads! After this, it is 9 pm, and its bed time. This also gives their bodies time to settle down and ready for sleep. So, I feel like this is really going to work for us. So far, it has worked out great! I'm just glad I am here and ready to tackle it all when they get home! And when the days ends, I can go to bed with the satisfaction of knowing that they are well prepared ... for the next day!!

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