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Thursday, August 28, 2008


Jerry and I attended Caiden's 5th grade teacher/ parenting meeting this evening. I always attend this meetings. Even though they are repeated, being that Bailee is one grade below Caiden. I was soo GLAD that Jerry got to go with me!!! It felt so good to walk in together, Jerry,me, Caiden, and Bailee. Normally, the children do not come, BUT this time we all went. I guess that since Jerry has been gone for so long, we just wanted to be together as much as we could. Plus, Caiden came home from school today telling Jerry and I that all his friends were going to be there, and they were going to play football while we were in the meeting. So we arrived, 1st thing we noticed was NO air conditioning!!! Jerry and I looked at each other in despair, we were thinking the same thing...How can they hold a meeting that was going to last at least an hour, with 5 different teachers explaining their teaching techniques, what they expected out of our children..... AND then "Are there any questions?" So, there we all were, parent to parent.... seated in a row with our little agendas and schedules for their classes. Then taking this bundle of papers, fanning ourselves. My little Bailee Grace sitting there beside me, taking my hair of my neck and fanning me, which in turn I fanned her. Parents trying to hold their attention on which ever teacher was talking, while they twisted and turned in their cafeteria seats, which by the way, are NOT comfortable. Jerry and I conversed with little chit chat, him being a funny guy, was trying to make me laugh out loud! And then, whispering little nothings to other parents to get them laughing. Of course these were mostly men, his baseball buddies that he has not seen in awhile, I could see that they really were wanting to do something else. Leslie and I were doing the same, for she has ALREADY done this before, last year! I guess the air cuts off automatically, for Leslie told me that the school security alarm goes on at 7 pm. It was HOT! All in All, it was a great meeting, informative, and the teachers all seem to be really dedicated to making our children's year the best. I figure this , in about 3 more years, this meetings will cease... The schools will be sending DVD'S home and we will be able to view ALL teachers, ALL schedule's and ALL test times without leaving the house. NOW that would be cool!

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