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Sunday, August 10, 2008


This is the home of the college world series. Its sad to all of us that it will be torn down, and built again. But we are so glad we got to experience it in all its glory! The Omaha Royals played awesome that night and we had a blast! We had popcorn, funnel cakes, and you have to eat a good old fashion hot dog at a baseball game! The theme for that night was Star Wars. They were promoting the new movie to start in theaters Aug.20. They had soo many characters from the movie there. Caiden thought he was too old to have his picture made, being that he doesn't play with Star Wars figurines anymore! But he did say that he wanted to see the movie! What was really cool was that we got to "see" some of the movie clippings why we were there. After the game, they had an AWESOME fireworks display that lasted 30 minutes. Even better, the background music was the STAR WARS theme. We had a blast. Our family is such a HUGE fan of baseball.

Jerry and I posing with Star Wars Creatures

"Luke, I am you father!"

Luke Skywalker

Bailee and I showing our support and our "Silly" side

Father and son enjoying thier "favorite" past time

The Fireworks were UNREAL!

The CountDown has begun!

The New Star Wars Movie

We got to see it before anyone else!

Caiden "testing" his speed on the heat he was throwing!

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