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Sunday, August 31, 2008


I believe that it is ALWAYS better to be prepared for emergencies, no matter the situations that life can throw at you. With Hurricane Gustav approaching new territory, it has made realize the severity and danger that we can be in. Even though we are not scheduled to get hit here, we will feel some effects of it. Our schools have been closed to due to people evacuating New Orleans and they need places set up for shelter for those who have no where to go. My heart hurts for those who will be left without a home, food and any where to go, or no idea how to go from here. I can even imagine the devastation and tragedy that has happened and that will continue to happen. This hurricane is bigger than Katrina, and will do more damage than any of us can fathom. We have been taking all the precautions that we know to do. As of right now, it is expected to hit landfall Monday. Gustav has 115 mph wind speed. It is 263 miles from New Orleans. One of Jerry's best friends and co-workers lives in Houma, which is directly right where it is expected to hit. We have talked to him several times this weekend, via phone and e-mail. He was completely boarded everything, and is waiting out the storm, We have tried to reason with him several times, telling him that we have room for him and to please evacuate, but he is going to wait it out. Now, all we can do is wait... and the unexpected is frighting, but I am just so glad that Jerry is here with us. It's not that I can't handle situations like this, I have many times before, It's just a feeling of safety and security that only comes from having my whole family with me. I just feel like we can conquer anything that comes, together. We have been in preparation for this just about the whole weekend. We have filled both cars with a full tank of gas. We have towels, blankets, and pillows ready in case of bad winds and tornado warnings.Today, after church, we went to the grocery store, stocked up on bottle water, canned goods, and any non-perishable items. We have batteries for radios, portable fans, candles. I have also made sure we have all sorts of medicines, aspirin, Caiden's asthma medicine, and A first aid kit on hand. I have been cooking this whole weekend. So, we have everything in easy access range and not have to worry about what to eat. I have cooked everything from casserole dishes to desserts, being banana pudding and lemon pies, Jerry's favorite. We have paper plates , plastic cups, and plastic forks and spoons. I just feel more ready for anything this way, for the unexpected is frightening, the the anticipation of this hurricane is the worst feeling. I am just so thankful that God has allowed Jerry to be home right now. I think the worst part of this all is not only the devastation that is about to come, but about where Jerry will be called to. We are praying not only for the safety and protection of people, but also for Jerry. He very well could be in the middle of all this. Anticipation, waiting, for that call that he will deployed. And where he goes is crucial to us, and if we will be able to travel on the weekends to see him. So, we are here as of right now, as a family, enjoying and appreciating every moment we have together. The circumstances maybe bleak, but no matter what happens, we are here going through it as a family. God please watch over us all, and we know that are prayers are being heard. We will be protected by the Lord no matter what happens.

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