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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Caiden's progress in his private piano lessons is great!! I am so proud of him. Each lesson he has is improving his skills in piano. I have been taking little videos of each lesson and I will look back months from now and see how much he has improved! He really loves to go to his lessons. He is already in the process of learning Christmas music. His teacher told me that he is very good and his speed of learning notes is great and she told me that she is very proud of him! I am so glad that he is excited about learning, for he was raised in a very musical family and I hope the love of music will continue as he gets older!


Tracey said...

That's wonderful that he enjoys it so much! My husband has already decided that he wants our Kaiden to play the piano. I have to remind him that he is only one.

Thanks for stopping by today and commenting. We are VERY excited about our new goober that's in the "oven!"


Danielle said...

Tracey, I think it's so great how your husband is so involved In Kaiden's life!! You just don't see that much these days!! And I am soo happy that you are having a baby!! I am soo happy for you, you have a great family!!