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Thursday, October 09, 2008


I have really missed my niece Isabel!! My brother and his family moved to Missouri a couple of months ago, and I was quite sad about it. Chad and I have always been close, and I miss him being just a few miles away. But, we must all move on, and accept the direction that God leads us into. Chad and his wife Casey felt that this is were they should be. Casey and Isabel came home for a visit this past week. Casey's first cousin was scheduled to have a baby on Caiden's Birthday!!! Caiden was so excited that a baby was going to be born on his Birthday!! So Monday after school, Caiden,Bailee,and I went to Kay Kay's house to visit. We had such a great time!! Caiden and Bailee brought the puppies for Isabel to see!! Of course, she wanted to take them home to Missouri!! She looked at Kay Kay and said.." Why can't I have a dog in Louisiana??" She is only 4 years old but has the mind of an 7 year old! She is sooo smart, just like her dad!! This is my mother's grandchildren ...for now..My brother and his wife are expecting another baby in May and we are sooo excited!!! So this is one last picture of the Grandchildren on my side of the family. The next one will be a new addition to our family!!! We are so excited and Can't wait for the new baby!! Congratulations Chad, Casey, and little Izzy!!!

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