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Sunday, October 26, 2008


We has so much fun this weekend! We often travel a lot, and we do a lot of activities, but most of all we all look forward to just being together. We could just sit all day in a hotel, and I would be happy, simply because we are together!

The kid and I left after school Friday, and headed to New Orleans. We had a great trip there and met Jerry in town about 7 pm. We ate at a place called Catfish Charlies. It was on the water and the view was great. We got to sit on the dock and watch the ducks swim by. After a good breakfast Saturday, we headed to The Audubon Zoo.
The weather was great, not too hot, just a little breeze, a great day to be at the zoo!
We spent a good 3 hours there and still did not finish the whole zoo!
We has such a great time there! It was certaintly different than our local zoo!After we left, we headed to a place called The Fox And Hound for a late lunch and to watch the LSU game on the big screen! After the game, we rested and then headed to the mall.
I was in desperate need of make-up, and I don't wear it often, but Jerry insisted on me getting some!
Bailee had I had so much fun! We both got little mini make-overs and it was great a great time to bond with her!
Jerry had to work Sunday, so we headed back Sunday morning.
We cherish every moment we have with Jerry. Even though it was just 2 days, we got to see him and thats what matters the most! Some may look at it as a long and exhausting trip, but we would do anything just to be together! Those 2 days make a difference and that makes it worth it!

This was unreal! It looks so fake, but he just sat there!


Dorsey said...

Can't say I'm surprised to see that you guys had another great looking trip! I love it!

BTW, you've been tagged!! Check my blog for details: http://searchingformyinnerskinny.blogspot.com/2008/10/playing-catch-up.html

Anonymous said...

Your family has some of the best weekends planned! Love your pictures! I am beginning to really like the South.

Anonymous said...

Danielle, I look forward to Monday to see what you and your family have done over the weekend! You have such a great family and you do so much with your children. They are blessed to have you!