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Thursday, November 06, 2008


Jerry is FINALLY coming come today! The kids and I are so excited and looking forward to spending a couple of days with him! As most of you already know, his job requires him to be way from home. He could be away from us for a couple of weeks, and sometimes months. But we know the sacrifices he makes for us, and we all work together to make our family life as normal as possible. We love him so much and we thank God daily for all he does for our family.
Jerry and I have been together now 18 years, and I would like to think that I know him pretty well! Even though we have a hectic but happy and grateful life, I am reminded that I need to take care of him just like I take care of the children. So, I wanted to list a couple of things about my Jerry.
1.He can still remember what I wore on our first date.
2. He loves to sit in his recliner, and watch sports center and flips the channels faster than I can blink.
3. He loves politics and will engage in any political conversation and debate. AND will win the argument 99.9% of the time!
4. He is very proud of his education that he received from The University Of Louisiana At Monroe. He continually supports them, and insists on our children going there, even though my dreams were set on LSU!
5. He can sit and read a 300 page book in about 2 hours.
6. His favorite job was being a policemen, and often watches COPS for that adrenaline rush he use to get when chasing bad guys!
7. His most favorite quote is "Don't mistake my kindness as a weakness" that he got from one of his policing buddies, Bob Brown. That being said when Bob doesn't give you a speeding ticket the first time, BUT will if stopped AGAIN 2 hours later!
8.He is a natural born leader, he loves to be the head guy and he gladly will listen to positive criticism, but he thrives on the fact that he can be better, and he will put his all into making it the best!
9. He always puts 110% effort in all he does, whether it be work related or doing things with his family.
10. His favorite meal is Ham, Baked Beans, crescent rolls, which I am cooking now for a surprise!
11. His favorite dessert, Banana Pudding, waiting on him in the fridge!
12. He loves to coach Caiden in baseball and he was our head coach for All-Stars and helped to get our boys to play in the 9-10 championship.
13. He was raised in a very loving and Christian home, and wants the same for our family.
14. He values my opinions and advice and the advice of his parents.
15. Last, but not least, He loves our family and will do anything he can to ensure we lead a life of joy, contentment, and A life that brings Glory to Our Father, Jesus Christ!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

How sweet! You and Jerry look so happy! Glad that he got to come home!