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Monday, December 08, 2008


Our little puppies are growing so fast! It is so hard to believe that our first little puppy, Bubba, will be a year old on December 26!!!

The kids love playing with Bubba and Baxter! We have gotten so attached to them. Caiden,Bailee, and I always spend time with them, loving them, and holding them. Bath time, well, it is a challenge. Bathing one dog is not all that bad, but when you have 2, it can be somewhat a hassle!

I usually help them give Bubba and Baxter a bath, but for some reason, this weekend, they talked me into letting them do it all by themselves. Caiden and Bailee had so much fun bathing them. They had the shampoo, towels, all layed out. I love that they have somewhat of a routine in mind, for I am a very organized and routine person, but I think it just stems from being a mother. It really made me glad to see that that they are starting to create their own state of organization.

I also believe, even though there is always a mess to clean up, which they did clean up, (thank goodness, for showing responsibility!) They create a bond with our little Chihuahuas, that will be everlasting! Caiden and Bailee have held their end of the bargain... They promised to care for Bubba and Baxter, they feed them, play with them , and most of all LOVE them!


Dorsey said...

Our puppy bath times usually come after one of us has taken a bath. We wait for the water to cool off and then lower the level down a bit and in goes the puppies with whoever happens to be in the tub. But don't you just LOVE how you can bath the dogs in the sink!! hehe

kerrie said...

How how sweet and cute! They are some adorable little puppies, can I have them?! Please!!

liz said...

How cute is that?! I love it!

brandy said...

OMG, Danielle, that is so cute!