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Friday, December 12, 2008


Caiden has not only received one belt on his musical recorder, but 2!! He got his yellow and orange belt in the same day! He really loves to play it, and he practices everyday, all over the house..and sometimes in our ears..but we love hearing him play it! He is always determined to be the best he can be! He will preform in a 5Th grade musical rectal at school on Wednesday. I am so looking forward to hearing him play and most of all, I am soo grateful that Jerry is here to hear him play!! We have so many activities planned next week. We have many field trips. parties to attend this being the last week of school for Christmas! This is the busiest time of year, but the funniest!!
He also decorated his little pouch that holds his recorder, this little pouch he carries around with him a lot, kinda like his cell phone! Way to go Caiden, we are soo proud of you!!


kerrie said...

way to go Caiden! I like the pouch, so colorful!!

brandy said...

Great job little Jerry!