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"Other things may change us, but we start and end with family" Anthony Brandt

Monday, December 15, 2008


How beautiful you are! I am so excited that we FINALLY got our Christmas tree up and decorated! We waited on Jerry to come home before we did anything.
The kids were so ready to put the tree up and put on their special decorations.
Bailee was most concerned with putting up the Mickey Mouse blow up toy!! That is her favorite thing to do!! She can't wait to plug it in and watch it fill up with air! Caiden and Bailee have always loved this special Christmas Decoration!
I love this time of year!! It seems that our family really tries to focus on the blessings we have!We really get into the Christmas spirit!
We had our traditional Christmas music playing while we put up the tree, we laughed and joked around, enjoying every moment together. I hope Caiden and Bailee will continue this tradition with their own families!
I love to see Jerry and Caiden together, these are the most impressionable times in a boys life, Caiden is at the age where he really looks up to his father, and he wants to be like his dad, I think that is so wonderful, they are building a strong father and son bond.
I love watching Jerry spending time with the children, they were so happy that we waited till he got home!
This brings make so many memories of my childhood.
My mom, brother, and sister always had such a wonderful time putting up our Christmas tree. My mom had Ronnie Milsap Christmas Cd playing, she always was in the kitchen, cooking, making our favorite cookies and candy. We each had our favorite, and she ALWAYS made each one, it really meant a lot to us, those are some of the best times that I will never forget!
I was so glad that Jerry was there, I think he was too!! The picture says it all..don't you think??!!

Caiden asked me if he could help but the beads on the tree, he really enjoyed it.

This was my most favorite part of putting up our tree. Caiden and Bailee had their very 1st Christmas ornaments that they had ever made. I always cry when I pull these priceless little ornaments out of the box. I can still picture them bringing me these ornaments, they were so proud of themselves and they couldn't wait to put them on our tree! I look forward to many many more Christmas' of them hanging them up, and I will always cherish each year I see them hang them, even when they are 16, I will still cry, and still appreciate the innocence they had when they made them! And I and will cry when I give them to them when they leave home to put on their own family Christmas tree with their own children.
These are the times that I cherish with my children, I am so blessed to be able to watch them hang these special ornaments!
I could not imagine my life with Caiden and Bailee.
It was now mine and Jerry's turn to hang our special ornament together. This represents our union as a couple, that we were united together by God, and he in turned blessed us with a family of our own. We has so much fun putting up our tree. I cooked Trash, made everyone's favorite Christmas candy. After we finished decorating the tree, we turned off all the lights, made some hot chocolate, and set in the living room with our Christmas music and admired our Beautiful Christmas tree! These are the ties that bind, and make us realize how much we have to be thankful for!


Dorsey said...

This looks like a FABULOUS time!!! This year the kids helped me get the tree up,then hubby and I sipped Wassail and Egg Nog while we watched them decorate it all.

kerrie said...

Oh Danielle, what an awesome Christmas tree! Looks like you all had a great family time together!

Lauren said...

Beautiful Tree,Danielle, you go girl with all that cooking!! What time will Christmas Dinner be ready?!