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Friday, January 23, 2009


Caiden started his new piano lessons of the New Year Tuesday, and with a new teacher. Mrs. LaFaye Price is a great Christian woman I have known for many years. She is a member of a local church in our area, and a church that I was once a member. She is the piano teacher at this church and has been for many years.She is a very gifted musician. Caiden laid off from piano for a couple of weeks. The teacher he had was a excellence one,but there was many conflicts. One having to travel so far, and some other factors. I appreciated her teaching Caiden the 1st lesson he ever had, and for making it so fun for him! Jerry and I feel like this type of new environment is best for him. His lessons are at the church, and he will also be learning Christan music, and we think this will be a great learning experience for him! He did great Tuesday and he looks forward to many more lessons!

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kerrie said...

Great for Caiden!