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Monday, January 19, 2009


There are ALWAYS things that have to be done. No matter how much we put them off, or try to justify finding another time to do it, it will always lurk in our minds and we know that they must be dealt with. I am mainly talking about health concerns and regular routine appointments. Our 4 day weekend was a busy one, and yet a time to relax and catch up on much needed rest!

Friday was a VERY busy day. I stated out the morning by cooking for the Teacher Appreciation luncheon that out kids' school was having. The theme was A Southern theme. I cooked Dirty Rice and some French bread. I had to have this ready by 8 am! I was PUSHING it, but I got it done! Jerry and I then went to Bailee's Award Ceremony at school and watched her receive her awards.

After we left school, We went to my doctor's appointment which I have had scheduled for 2 weeks. I have been having terrible headaches and back pain and I could not stand it anymore. I was not being able to get around like I was use to and I wanted to be able to do the things that I love the most. After several x- rays, I was told that I have a curve in my spine, (Which I already knew) and to take it easy and not to lift any heavy things. Jerry and I moved a lot of furniture last week, and I strained muscles in my back. I CANNOT stand being in mobile and not doing the things I love most, which is cooking and taking care of my family. BUT through many prayers from Jerry and the kids, The Lord has allowed to do continue to do so. It has been painful, but my love for my family has gotten me through! I DO NOT want my children to see me in pain, so I sucked it up and just remembered who was the ultimate healer, My Lord! This condition I have will not go away and will only continue, but I have been told of many ways by the doctor to ease the situation and find ways of dealing with it. After the Doctor's appointment, Jerry and I had a great lunch in Bastrop at a great ole country buffet named Granny's. It is a little hole in wall, but has the best food in the world! We even saw my Uncle John Calvin there!! We had a great time, and it was just like when we were dating! We then went home and unwinded for a minute before getting the kids. The kids had 2 check up visits this 4 day weekend. I try to schedule appointments on days like Friday after school and sometimes on holidays like today. I have a strict homework schedule and I don't like for the kids to have to go somewhere right after school. There are some expectations like Caiden's Piano lessons (which he is starting back tomorrow) and Bailee's tutoring. They both went to the eye doctor Friday after school. Caiden had already been a couple of weeks ago, and had his yearly check up. Yes, his eyes have gotten slightly worse, because of a rapid growth spurt, and we got new glasses for him. But this visit he got a new pair of contacts! We have already tried this once before, and he really tried to wear them. But we had no great success earlier. He was just too young to have the responsibility of putting them and taking then out. I was there for him, helping him put them in and out, but found that it was too time consuming in the mornings right before school. I will always help my children try to adjust to something unfamiliar and new, but there comes a time when they should get the "hang of it" and do for themselves and Caiden was not ready for this responsibility. But Friday, He put the new contacts in and took them out ALL by himself!!I was soo proud of him! I think he is ready now! And with baseball season coming up, he really needs to wear them for protection. I feel like it would be so much more safe this way incase he gets hit by the ball! He is looking forward to baseball and Not having to wear glasses. I feel bad for him for he has not gotten to wear them a lot this weekend because his allergies have been bothering him, and I didn't not want him to even try to wear them. I was worried about germs and eye infections. Bailee had her routine eye exam and as we expected, her eyes have also gotten worse. Also due to growth spurts. Jerry and I helped her pick out a cute new pair of glasses that were so adorable on her! I cannot wait for them to come in next week!! She is gonna look so great!

We left there and went to get Caiden and Bailee's prize for their good grades!! Jerry and I are soo proud of them!! We then went to Catfish King for supper and headed home. Saturday was downtime for us. Caiden's asthma was trying to come about. We know the sign and the clues when he is about to start having difficulties. So we took the certain precautions, started breathing treatments and we tried to make him rest in bed with his PlayStation. He was feeling somewhat good and decided to go the the ULM Basketball Saturday with Jerry and Bailee. If I kept Caiden from doing things he loved from asthma, well, he would never do anything. This is a condition that we have to deal with realistically, and I cannot keep him locked up from the world forever. The older he gets, the more he has to finds ways on improving on this condition and not letting it get the best of him. He loves to play sports and sometimes asthma gives him a hard time , but he has learned his limits and pretty knows when it's time to rest, I said SOMETIMES, he is an 11 year old boy, he is running non-stop!! All in all, Jerry had to come home with him from the game. I feel so bad for him because he wants to do so much, but he sometimes can't. This is something we have learned to live with, it could be worse, there are so many worse off. So Saturday night, I monitored him, waited on him hand and foot! Jerry and Bailee went to church Sunday, and I stayed home and took care of Caiden. I had a big Sunday lunch prepared of roast. Jerry and Bailee went to the girls ULM Basketball game and Caiden and I watched it on tv. We saw Jerry and Bailee live on tv!! Monday morning Jerry woke up and cooked pancakes for breakfast. Yes, I do most of the cooking, BUT sometimes Jerry conjures ideas up an decides on going on a cooking frenzy! And I must admit, he does make the best hamburgers ever! I have tried to contest this and make a big deal out of it, but he still to this day makes the best burger! I just can't seem to win this battle! We had decided a couple of days ago, to let Caiden and Bailee have friends over. I knew that Bailee's friends Ashley was out of town most of the weekend, and Caiden usually has friends over after homework. Bo was hunting with his dad, and Caiden knew Bo was not going to be home. Jerry and I decided to see how he felt before we would allow him to play. When Caiden's asthma acts up, the main thing is to make sure it doesn't get to rowdy in playing, like football, like he has been playing the last two weeks. He loves to play with his cousin Patrick because they play a lot of video games. Patrick already had plans and he wanted to go play at his house, but Jerry and I felt like he needed to stay at home because all his meds and breathing treatment stuff was at home. This is not always the case, but we just felt like it was more safe this way at this time. I hated for them not being able to play. So after consoling Caiden and trying to make him understand his situation, Jerry decided to make it a father and son outing. I looked up movie times for them to go to the movies. This was a great way to have fun but doing it while relaxing and not using too much effort, which is what Jerry and I wanted for Caiden.They had a great time. Ashley came over that morning and I stayed at home with the girls. They sang and danced and played barbies. They got to jump on the trampoline too. The kids also had dental appointments that day. Routine cleaning of teeth,I know it doesn't sounds like fun, but it is just another one of those things that has to be done! Everything went great and even though they didn't look forward to going, one day they will appreciate the importance of this yearly check up. They say a smile is Worth a thousand words..right?! I cooked Shrimp Creole for supper and it was a great change! And with Mardi Gras approaching, I thought it would be fun!I wanted to cook something different, and I have a weekly schedule made up in advance of what I am going to cook. I deviated a little from my schedule(which I seldom do) but I wanted to surprise everyone! We had a productive/ relaxing weekend/ kinda sickly weekend, if that makes sense! They are somethings that we have to do, even though we want to put them off, but in the long run it is worth it in the end!Next weekend, we are hoping just to have fun since those little things are now taken care of!


Dorsey said...

Looks like you put the long weekend to work for you. (Probably what I should've done as well, but I mostly just laid around the house and played games. hehe

Anonymous said...

Sounds like their dad is awesome.

Danielle said...

You are Jerry! Thanks for being a faithful follower and reader of our family blog!! I could not have asked God for a better father and role model for our precious children! Thanks for ALL you do for our family!!

Amie said...

Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

nicole said...

Looks like you had a productive weekend. Sorry for your back troubles and hope Caiden is feeling better soon!