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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Caiden and Bailee had a weekend filled with fun and friends!
I can't really tell you how many kids were over and playing this weekend. All I know is that they had a lot of fun!
Bailee's Friend Ashley, stayed with us the whole weekend. Her mother and brother went out of town and she wanted to spend the weekend with us. She even went to church with us Sunday morning.
Caiden had Bo spend the night Saturday night. Bailee and Ashley, and Mary Grace played Friday evening and Saturday. They walked back and forth to each others houses with baby dolls, and baby clothes. I had to pick them up several times during the day due to the fact that they either forgot some play thing or was ready for a new playing environment. Caiden and his friends played football Saturday.
They had a lot of fun playing at each other's houses. Jerry was out of town till Saturday evening and so I wanted them to have lots of friends over to play. They work so hard during the week with school and they deserve to have fun! I had Supper waiting on Jerry when he got home.
We were all so glad to see him! After supper, Jerry played Clue with the kids.
I know I talk A LOT about what a great dad Jerry is, BUT how many fathers would play a hour game of Clue after 2 days of all day meetings and a 5 1/2 hour drive from Dallas!
He is soo sweet and is soo attentive to our children.
Thanks Jerry for being such a great dad! After Clue, we all watched a great movie and ate popcorn.

Sunday after church, we all went to eat at Caiden's favorite place,PEKING. Sunday was the Chinese New Year's Celebration.They had a great buffet set out! Since Bailee and Ashley were 9 and under(sorry Caiden, that's the downfall of getting older!!) He is no longer is considered a child when it comes to dining out.But he is bigger than me and as tall as I am at the age of 11!They got a card and a 1.00 bill. Bailee and Ashley were wanting play in the tent, so Jerry set it up for them. Caiden went to Bo's for more shooting with BB guns.It was really cold by this time, but they enjoyed being outdoors and came in every so often to warm up! We had a great time with friends and I am now looking to some rest! WHEW, the things we do for our kids!


kerrie said...

wow, you had a busy weekend. Great pictures!

nicole said...

Bless you my child! What a mom!