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Monday, February 23, 2009


Caiden had a project to do for Social Studies. This project had to be done under specific guidelines and it had to have many parts and visual aids. He loves the LSU Tigers and decided on this awhile back. His project title was " LSU Tiger Football and Heroes."

This project was very challenging for Caiden because he has been sick for such a long time. But he did survive getting it done and I must say I think it looks awesome!
He chose History as topic. He had to use such things as photos, statistics, and surveys.

This is his STATS folder that he used and he put things in it about LSU rankings and records. He took a simple purple folder and decorated it.

A picture of LSU Tigers 1st undefeated team.

The pictures that Caiden used were some really neat and rare pictures.

This is a autographed picture of Jacob Hester to Caiden's Pappy. My mom scanned the original autograph for him to use! Thanks Kay Kay!

He also displayed a book about LSU History. Caiden got this book from Kay Kay and Pappy a couple of years ago.

Caiden also had a to include a research paper. Instead of using a clear folder covering, he used a simple yellow fellow and decorated that. I helped him cut out the football LSU letters out of some cool scrapbook paper. He used a picture of the LSU Tigers when they won the BCS National Championship in 2007.

Since Caiden was sick and could not attend school or the SS Fair, I brought his project to school so he could get graded on it. He was not judged in the Fair because part of the project included a oral presentation that consisted of testing their knowledge of their subject. As long has it completed the project was the main thing.

Even though Caiden was sick he enjoyed doing this project.

Great Job Caiden and "Geaux Tigers!"


Dorsey said...

WOW!! That looks fantastic!! Great job! And much kudos for getting it done while not feeling well!!

Anonymous said...

Good job Caiden. Knocking that out while your sick is awesome. Good job.