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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


 Well, we had our first ice and snow day of the New Year. Louisiana weather is so unpredictable! The week forecast called for temps ranging from 70's to the low 30's. One day it has hot and humid, then the next day cold and sleet!! The kids did manage to have one day home from school because of sleet and freezing rain, but snow did not show up Monday night and had to return to school Tuesday.We took full advantage of the snow that night and just enjoyed seeing it!
                                        Bailee was like, snow?! REALLY!??

                                      Feeling the snow on our tongues!
                                        Bailee and I playing in the snow
                                            our footprints in the snow
                            Caiden made a snowball but his hands were freezing!!

                                           Look at those ice sickles!!         

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