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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I love to hunt! One of my families hobbies is hunting. My dad was a big hunter. I love the game room at my mother's house. She has my father's deer he killed before i was born hung on the wall. When i look at it every time I go in there, it feels like home to me. Somehow when I look at it, i feel like he is right there beside me, it makes me feel like i really knew him, even though i really didn't have "time" to really really know him. Caiden showed some interest in hunting about a year ago. My brother Chad, had talked to Caiden many times about deer hunting. God bless Chad for always finding time for Caiden. He treats him like his son. Chad and Caiden finally found some time to go "Deer Hunting." I was scared because accidents happen during hunting season. A friend of mine lost her son due to a horrible accident. I trusted Chad and after saying many prayers, I let Caiden go. I was working at the time and I got a call on my cellphone at about nine thirty that morning. It was Caiden. I really didn't know how to respond when I saw his cell number on call id. So many thoughts were going though my mind, was he hurt, was Chad ok? I answered and i was relieved to her his voice. He proceeded to tell me he was ok, and that Chad and him had killed a deer!! His first hunting trip and they killed a deer! Caiden was so pumped! I was so happy for him! Chad and Caiden took the deer to the house for the skinning. Chad told me that Caiden was in a trance when they were cleaning the deer. He made sure he didn't miss a thing! It was a wonderful thing for him to experience. Thank you Chad for being there for Caiden and making it memorable!! I love you!

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