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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Bailee Grace played her second year of girls softball. She enjoys it but does not like to sweat! She gets it honestly, from me. She enjoys being with her friends most of all. Bailee would rather sit in the dugout talking about Hannah Montana, than cheering her team on. She had good moments and not so good, but for the most part, she really did great!! We had a very tight game last week and the score was tied 3 to 3 . We were up to bat, with two outs, last inning. Bailee was up to bat. This was to be the end of the game. Bailee got up there in her cute little batting stance, and the first ball was thrown, and she hit it hard!!! She knocked the runner on third home and we won the game!!! Great job Bailee!! She won the game for us!!! She was so proud of herself!! She was going to get a prize for that! When the game was over, we got in our usual team circle. The coach congratulated the girls on a win well deserved. Then the coach called Bailee's name to come to the front. The coach handed Bailee that pretty yellow softball and said that she was the reason they won and the deserves the game ball!! So proud of her! What makes this so special is that that was the first and only game ball given out the whole season!! No one else has one! What great accomplishment for my Bailee! This is something she can tell her children when the time is right!

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