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"Other things may change us, but we start and end with family" Anthony Brandt

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Jerry and I came from a background all to familiar. We have athletically inclined families. My father was a talented basketball and baseball player. He was almost signed to a major league team! Jerry's mom was a gifted basketball player, so much that they retired her basketball number in high school! Sports has always been a major part of our life. Yes, sports is overrated, but we keep a healthy balance , well we try! My siblings and I played some kind of sport for the most part of our child and teenage years. I love to hear my mom talk about how she "lived" at the ballpark. She would talk about running in "three" directions, "three" places, "three " children. Sports teaches may things. It teaches about respect, how you should never use I, because there is no "I" in team. It teaches self-esteem, that if you try hard enough, reach for the stars, you can do it! It can send your spirit soaring to places you couldn't dream of. When i watch Caiden play baseball, I am totally in "THE ZONE." That means that you do not come and sit by me to talk, chit chat about the weather, etc. I'm there for him, to watch,yell for him when he hits one of his many home runs. I am there to encourage him to do his best, and when he has done so, we leave knowing it has been done! Caiden is headed for wonderful opportunities in baseball. He puts his whole heart and soul into it.He totally loves the game! I love the feeling of watching my boys sitting around the big screen yelling and hollering for their favorite teams. I am in the kitchen cooking hamburgers and i suddenly jump because i hear " throw the ball!" Then I hear" high fives" and clapping. This may seem wild and crazy to you, but this is how i grew up. I have always been a girly girl who loved pretty dresses and makeup with lots of jewelry. There has always been a rough side to me, but i never let anyone see it because it made me feel less of a woman. As I get older, i have slowly let that other side of me out. I welcome it now , because it is familiar to me!

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