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"Other things may change us, but we start and end with family" Anthony Brandt

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I'm amazed at the love between a parent and child! I have experienced all types of love, but the love of a child surpasses all understanding. Its unconditional, forgiving, and uttermost sheer joy!! It keeps no record of wrong doing, only that no matter what you do, i will never stop loving you. I love Jerry so much, but the love for my children is infinite. When i held my first born for the very first time, i knew that this wonderful baby boy would bring out the best in me, and i was forever going to do anything for this baby!! The love for my children never stops, it keeps growing and growing, never a end to it. I was absent from thier life for a while. I was on a journey of self-seeking pleasure and it almost took my life. How selfish I was to not think of Jerry, Caiden and Bailee! I lost some precious time with them that i can never get back. I am still making up for it and still paying for my mistakes. I was raised in a Christian home and I have a strong Christian mother. She taught me that as long as you put the Lord first, everything will fall in place for the good of you and God. Being a baby in spirit, i thought she meant that God will give me anything I want if I let him have control over my life. I soon realized i was wrong. When we put God first, our wants and needs become of him, what he wants for us, and that his becoming more like his Son, Jesus Christ! My father died when i was four years old and his death has affected my relationship's with people over the years. i guess i really never knew the love between a father and daughter. That is until i accepted Jesus as my Savior!! I am His child forever and he loves me no matter what, so much that His Son died for me, if it would have been just me in this world, He still would have died!! The love of a Father and child, infinite !! My family is together again because i finally let go of my wants and needs, and let God have control over my life again. Being a Christian is not easy, but with God by my side to guide me, i will get through it. Life is a journey that should not be taken lightly. I wake up every morning thanking The Lord that i am a live, that im here one more day to see my children grow and to see them develop into their own little beings. Seeing little Jerrys and little Danielle's personality shine thorough! I will do anything to protect my families circle of life. We are banded by love, trust, and forgiveness, and the willingness to allow change and growth, to bring us closer to God and one another. Thank you God, your prodigal daughter has come home!!

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