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Saturday, August 23, 2008


than she's gonna wear it! Bailee was rummaging through my closet today and she found these shoes. I was cleaning up the kitchen and she asked me if she could have them. I told her that I still wear them and and that they were too big for her anyway. NOPE, she says , look momma they fit. To my surprise, they did! Oh my, My 9 year old daughter can wear my shoes!! Take into consideration that I wear a size 9! You know what this means... I can now buy shoes and she can wear them, this will save us time looking .. and save us money! She is growing up too fast. I can remember when is was 4 years old playing dress-up and my shoes were so big on her, not any more.she is going to have huge feet! As the saying goes... like mother, like daughter!

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