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Saturday, September 20, 2008


Ok, this was like the best game ever!! LSU keeps on amazing us! They have not beat Auburn since 1998.
Caiden, Bailee,and I had on the exact same clothes has we had on last week for Good Luck!I guess it worked!!
We had so much fun watching and cheering on the Tigers!!
What I love most about LSU is that they always surprise us and ALWAYS come through at the end!!
Just when you think there is no way or no hope, they come back and win victoriously!! Way to go Tigers!!! This was a great great game!!!As the Tigers say..."It's just getting started!!!"


Anonymous said...

Good job Danielle. You should be a sports cast member. Should have came over and watched the game with you! Thanks for telling me about your blog. Go Tigers!


Anonymous said...

It was a good game