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Sunday, September 21, 2008


I love doing things for my children. It gives me great joy to do just about anything for them.That's what mothers do. But also, as their mother, part of my job is to teach them to be self-sufficient. I must teach them about being responsible and taking on responsibility. I want my children to be self-sufficient adults. So, I decided to get 2 charts, and they themselves wrote on their chart their chores. Normally, I would write all this down, neatly and organized, but then again, this not for me, this is their project and they are old enough to write it themselves. Plus, this is part of being responsible, they took on the responsibility of writing it down. I decided to start of their allowance at 5 dollars a week. If all their chores get done Monday to Friday, then they get the whole 5 dollars. If, chores are not done, they get money taken away from them. How much gets deducted is up to my discretion, and I am always fair. They have done so great with this, AND I am happy to say that they each got 5 dollars this Friday!!! There is nothing like seeing them bring me those charts with checks by every chore, and them saying "Mommy, I did all my chores, aren't you proud of me?!"


Dorsey said...

Good luck! I think I could get my children to the dentist easier than I could get them to consistently do their chores...UGH!

Hey, you're an award winner!!

Danielle said...

Thanks Dorsey, When there is money involved!! LOL For real, they are doing great! Since we have gotten our new puppy Baxter the chores have gotten to be more, so we ALL have to work together!! I am so proud of them!!

Anonymous said...

You are such a great mom! I knew you would always be.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Danielle, love your blog.I didn't know where to leave a comment, so I left it here. You have such a wonderful family and you seem to be doing well! Your children are beautiful and you are such a good mother! It's hard to believe that we have children now!I will keep up with your blog. Take care! Trish