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Wednesday, December 03, 2008


I am soo proud of Caiden and Bailee! They have really worked so hard in school.
Yes, It is a challenge, but we study hard every night, making sure that they understand each subject.
I enjoy are little study time, it gives me a chance to sit down with each one, and really help them in areas that they are having trouble with. I cherish each time I hear them say," Thanks mom, for helping me study."
What an awesome feeling to have, that I have really gotten them to understand their work, and for them to appreciate the time I spend with them! They are so humble, and it blesses my heart!
Caiden got a ribbon for A-B honor roll.
Bailee got a ribbon for B average.
I am so proud of them! My heart is so quickly twinged when I hear the principal call out my children's name! I get so excited seeing them receive an a ward that they so well deserved! Great Great job, Caiden and Bailee, I am soo very proud of y'all! I could not ask for better children!!

AND, Of course, let's not forget about their prizes that they get! Caiden so had his heart sat on getting Bakugans. They are so cool, and he loves playing with them! I had originally went to Sam's and we saw them there, but he said that we could wait and go to Target, for they would be cheaper! Bless his heart, he wanted to save money, I love him!! LOL. We went to Target and they were sold out, of course, its close to Christmas, so I went back to Sam's and bought him the deluxe set, which came with many of them, plus a huge mat, and cards. He was so happy, I cannot tell you how many times he thanked me for going back to Sam's and getting it for him! That means more to me than giving it to him, I love hearing them tell me "Thanks!" SOO, we know what is on his Christmas list....LOL
My Bailee Grace, had a hard time deciding on what she wanted. She wanted a Barbie doll, but then she thought that she wanted the Alvin and The Chipmunks Cd, For she loves to listen to her Cd's and sing , I love to just peek in her room form time to time, watching her sing and dance, it makes me feel so happy, to see her enjoying herself!! But, when we got to Target, she said"Oh. mom, I just gotta have the Cheetah girls, you know how I love to sing and dance to it!"So My Bailee decided on it! I don't know what I enjoy more... Seeing them receive the award, or seeing them receive their gift...hummmm. BOTH!!


Anonymous said...

Good jobs kids. Seems like yall are taking after your Dad- HaHa.
I am proud of you

Susan said...

Great Job Caiden and Bailee....and mom!!!