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Saturday, March 28, 2009


Bailee loves to doodle and draw on just about anything!

She got a really cool Crayola Paint doodle kit from her friend Mary Grace.

It came with sidewalk chalk and a paintbrush kit.

On her birthday, March 21, she created her own art on our driveway.These are the things she loves in life.

Her family, favorite sports teams, and her school and school playing role, a teacher.

I am always amazed at her imagination and her creativity!

I love her drawings and I always display them around the house. Her art is on the fridge and even on my computer desk. I love looking at her work when I am on the computer!

This art had to be photographed for it will wash away, but will forever be remembered!

1 comment:

Dorsey said...

sidewalk challbis just awesome, isn't it? So glad she enjoyed her gift and you're able to enjoy her art for years to come with the great pictures!