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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Our family is for sure not getting pinched!


Vicki said...

Cute!! We didn't go anywhere today and I don't even have green on. I am planning on making cupcakes with green icing for tonight.

Danielle said...

Bailee was so concerned about getting "pinched" today so I really got her 2 shirts. She wore a different shirt to school that read on the back"Do not pinch" LOL! I got all shirts at Walmart and was proud that I only paid 4 dollars a piece for them, plus our family loves t-shirts and we can wear them anytime! I got Bailee good tonight at the ballpark. She was talking and visiting with her girlfriends and I went up to her and slightly pinched her. She was like, "mom, read my sign!!" She is really growing up on me! Hope you have fun making cupcakes tonight!!

Vicki said...

The cupcakes never happened. The kids didn't act interested in doing them and I decided if I was going to be doing them alone I'd just wait.